Saturday, August 4, 2007


Check out this photo! It is the picture from the front of the anniversary card sent to us by Bob and Joanie. It is the funniest thing I have seen in a long time! Hopefully my blog won't be flagged for inappropriate content, but I just had to share it. Thanks Bob and Joanie, Jim and I love the card! I love it when I find the perfect card for someone-I imagine you saw this card and said, "YES!"

So, we had another beautiful summer day here. I went to the Park Avenue Festival and walked around for 2 hours-they didn't make much money on me, but I was glad I went. 

We spent a bit of time cleaning up the house this afternoon, because we hope the friends that we are going out to dinner with will come back here for dessert. We are dining with Tony and Ann Vodacek-Jim runs with Tony and we have done dinner with them in the past. I made a fresh peach cobbler before going to the festival so we have a delicious dessert to come home to. Of course, Corey would have liked to have had the cobbler for breakfast, but I squashed those hopes and told him we would try to save him some for when he came home from his boss's wedding. 

Tomorrow we go to Toronto, probably leaving in the mid-morning. I have the address of a yarn store that I've never been to in Toronto and I hope we can make a stop there. I put Jim in charge of picking a restaurant for dinner tomorrow night so he has been doing some internet research. My next post will include the highlights of our trip.

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Joanie said...

Hi, Marji,

We are glad you both liked your card! You are right; when I saw that in June in Saratoga (Carole and I went there), I knew it was perfect for your anniversary!

Today was a perfect Jenny Lake day. We even did some sailing, although Bob prefers a stronger wind.

Have a great time in Toronto. We thought you were going to a Yankees game, but the paper has Kansas City playing Toronto tomorrow.

We are looking forward to spending time with all of you next Saturday!