Thursday, January 15, 2009

Ten Minutes of Fear

Jim was scheduled to fly home from Finland today, arriving in New York City sometime between 3 and 4 PM. I got home at 4:30 today, turned on the TV, hoping to catch the second half of Ellen and there was Brian Williams, describing "Breaking News", a plane had landed in the Hudson River. Of course, I immediately worried about Jim's plane. For the next 10 minutes, I saw photos of a commercial jet in the river, but could not see or hear a report about the details of the plane. As you might imagine, it was a very scary time until I heard that the plane was a US Airways plane, that had just taken off from LaGuardia heading for North Carolina. Jim was on Air Finland heading towards JFK. So I started breathing again and then watched with amazement at the miraculous rescue of the passengers and crew. This past summer when I was in NYC after my bike ride ended, I remember being impressed with all the water taxis on the river, thinking that it was a great way to travel. It sounds like those very taxis were instrumental in the swift and safe rescue of all involved. It will be interesting to hear more details of this fateful flight as they emerge. 

I called Jim after getting an e-mail from him saying that he had arrived at JFK. He knew nothing of the plane in the river. At this point his plane back to Rochester has been delayed by 45 minutes. I'll keep my eye on the airline website.

The bitter cold continues and our area is supposed to get a good dose of "lake effect" snow tonight. Tomorrow the forecast calls for more arctic air with the addition of some wind, driving the wind chills down towards 2o below, which is the temperature when schools are closed. We'll see if this really happens.

Tonight I went to a local restaurant with Gram and GrandDad to sample their German Month menu.  We each had a different entree and they all got a good review. Jim was glad to have missed this meal since he has had his fill of German restaurants during our last 2 trips to SU.

I just checked the Delta website and Jim's flight has been delayed another 10 minutes, to an 8:40 departure. Jim said they were waiting for a crew to show up. Seems like Delta should know when a crew would be available.

I've been knitting on Jim's sweater and have about 12 inches of the front completed. The back is done so I feel like I'm making good progress.  

Anybody watching American Idol? I've only seen a bit on Tuesday and Wednesday and there was the usual mix of the ones with potential and the ones who are clueless!

Just got an e-mail from Jim that he had boarded the plane! Now they just need clearance to take-off. Once I know he is in the air I will go outside and snow blow his parking spot in our driveway. The past 2 mornings when I've snow blowed a few inches, I've only done the main part of the driveway, so tonight I have to finish the job.

Hope all is well. 

Monday, January 12, 2009

Monday Minutiae

Yesterday was another day to catch up on some household chores and then watch some college basketball and NFL playoff football. It also ended up being a sunny day so I took some photos of the sun on the snow. Here is one from the back yard.

We had to clean out about 6 inches of snow from the driveway on Sunday morning. But it was the light, fluffy stuff so it wasn't hard work. Now we are waiting for the arctic blast that is forecasted for later this week.

Something triggered a thought in my head today that we missed our 30th anniversary of living in this house. That would have been this past December and had I thought of it a month or two ago we could have had a party to celebrate! Oh well, Happy Anniversary to us in this house!

My amaryllis are spectacular! I'm sorry that those of you who were here for Christmas did not get to see them, so I will include a couple of photos here. The white one has another bud opening up that will probably have 2 or 3 more flowers! They bring me joy!

Jim left for Finland today. He called saying that he had arrived in NYC and his flight to Helsinki was on schedule. Since I haven't heard back from him I guess he is in the air as I write this. He will return on Thursday evening. 

Time to do some WiiFit and then knit. 

Hope all is well.