Monday, January 12, 2009

Monday Minutiae

Yesterday was another day to catch up on some household chores and then watch some college basketball and NFL playoff football. It also ended up being a sunny day so I took some photos of the sun on the snow. Here is one from the back yard.

We had to clean out about 6 inches of snow from the driveway on Sunday morning. But it was the light, fluffy stuff so it wasn't hard work. Now we are waiting for the arctic blast that is forecasted for later this week.

Something triggered a thought in my head today that we missed our 30th anniversary of living in this house. That would have been this past December and had I thought of it a month or two ago we could have had a party to celebrate! Oh well, Happy Anniversary to us in this house!

My amaryllis are spectacular! I'm sorry that those of you who were here for Christmas did not get to see them, so I will include a couple of photos here. The white one has another bud opening up that will probably have 2 or 3 more flowers! They bring me joy!

Jim left for Finland today. He called saying that he had arrived in NYC and his flight to Helsinki was on schedule. Since I haven't heard back from him I guess he is in the air as I write this. He will return on Thursday evening. 

Time to do some WiiFit and then knit. 

Hope all is well.

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jeannie said...

Mine still have not bloomed, but they are getting close. They do make one happy when they do bloom.