Saturday, January 10, 2009

Friday to Saturday

This entry is rate PG-13 for language.

We've had a good start to our weekend and it began with the news that it looked like Tucker was going to make it back to Denver with minimal disruptions to his plans. When he checked in at the American Airlines counter here in Rochester, the American employee thought his itinerary to Denver through Dallas was absurd and re-booked him on a direct flight from Chicago to Denver. That was very nice of her! He had a slight delay getting to Chicago and then a longer delay leaving Chicago but got to Denver on the day he was supposed to get to Denver!

It was great having both boys home for the holidays, but now that we were empty nesters again, we needed to create our own blog-worthy moments so I searched the Friday newspaper for things to do. We ended up going to the RIT hockey game on Friday night and had a great time! We may become fans! I do not like pro hockey because there seems to be more fighting than hockey, but such is not the case at the college level.  There was only one fight in the game against Connecticut. 

We'd like to go to another RIT hockey game, especially now that we know all the cheers. When RIT makes a good shot on goal, and for whatever reason, the puck doesn't go in, you are supposed to yell, "Oh S&*t!" When the ref makes an apparent bad call (like any penalty against RIT), you yell, "Bullsh$t!" When the rink announcer talks about any opposing player, you yell, "You Suck!"  We got the verbiage down now and are ready for the next game! It was a fun evening and we will go back. The arena is fairly small compared to the Blue Cross Arena. Apparently, you need to get to the game about an hour before face-off if you want a seat. We arrived about 4 minutes after the game started and ended up standing along a rail right at center ice. Since the rink is not huge, we could see everything!

Today we worked all morning and then did things of our own choosing in the afternoon. We started the day with a good cleaning of the basement. All the Christmas wrapping stuff was down there and needed to be sorted and stored. We then threw away some old boxes and broken toys (don't panic boys, not too many toys). I vacuumed and the place looks great and there is more room for drying clothes. The remainder of the morning was spent running errands, including getting our skates sharpened for Ottawa in February.

We were thinking of going to Ithaca today for a spinning event but the weather forecast was questionable so we stayed home. I spun for about 2 hours this afternoon.  Jim and I both got our exercise in (mine included some time with WiiFit) and then we went to Grandma and Grandpa's for dinner. I took an allergy pill before we went over there because I seem to have developed an allergy to their cats. The pill seemed to help as I had no sneezing fits and was able to enjoy our evening. 

While Tucker was home he made a pizza for us for dinner one night, using a store-bought crust. There was an extra crust so I made a pizza on Friday night and it was delicious. One half had pepperoni and the other half was veggie. Here is a photo:

The drum-set that came with Rock Band is not working correctly so Jim did some research about what our options were, and we have a couple. We chose to have Nintendo send us a box to return the drum-set to them and then they will send us a new one. The drums started malfunctioning on the night before Corey went back to school, when the four of us wanted to have one more jam session. The drums would work for one song and then stop shortly after the second song began. So I don't know how long this exchange procedure will take, but for the time being, Jim and I will have to work on our guitar and bass skills. We are already pretty good on vocals!!

Two inches of snow fell while we were at Grandma and Grandpa's house and the snow is supposed to continue through the night. Good thing we bought gas for the snowblower this morning. 

Not sure what is planned for tomorrow. Jim will need to pack as he is going to Finland on Monday.

Hope all is well. 

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