Thursday, February 4, 2010

Return from Baja

Jim got home from Baja on Wednesday afternoon and has wonderful stories and photos of his time with Tucker and Alison in Mexico. So here are some photos from his trip with brief captions. If you want the stories, you will have to talk to him. It is good to have him home!

This first photo is of Alison, Tucker and another friend, spotting whales in the ocean at sunset.

And speaking of the sunset. . . .

The sunrises proved to equally impressive.

Tucker and Alison having a nice outdoor breakfast.

This is the beach house they stayed in on the ocean side of Baja.

A nice hike to an overlook.

More good Mexican food!

Tucker hooked into a big one while deep sea fishing.

Tucker and the guide with his catch, a nice Dorado fish.

Partial view of the place they stayed in Cabo Pulmo (Sea of Cortez side).

As you can see, there was no snow or cold weather for them to deal with and I believe they were reveling in the nice weather! Maybe I will put some more photos in the blog in the near future.

Corey had some nice news earlier this week and that is that he is named Scholar Athlete for the week at SU! Click here for a link to the SU page with the announcement. What was really cool was that friends of ours were at the recent SU basketball game where Corey was announced as the Scholar Athlete for the week and they got to see his picture up on the big screen!

We have no real plans for the weekend. Jim will probably still be recovering from his trip home (he spent a night in the Chicago airport) and from jet lag, trying to get ready for his business trip to New Jersey next week. Me, I'll probably be trying to knit 485 stitches without making a mistake!

Hope all is well.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sunny Sunday

Sunday evening, getting ready for another week of school. . . .

So here is a first for my blog, embedded video! Corey raced in Boston yesterday and had a great race. He ran the 3000 meter race and finished 3rd overall, and first for the SU men! Plus his time of 8 minutes and 7 seconds was his best time in this distance by 20 seconds! This morning he sent me a link to a video of his race and I now present that video to you. Click on the arrow in the middle of the video screen and you can see Corey's race. You will see Corey at the starting line, but once the race starts he is at the back of the pack and out of the camera's view for a while. But watch until the end and you will see him make his move and have a strong finish in third! Way to go, Corey!

Track and Field Videos on Flotrack

Yesterday was a cold, cold day. It was 7 degrees when I got up in the morning.

I had some errands to run, so bundled up and was most thankful for the heated seats in my car! I got my 60 inch circular needle for my shawl and now that I have worked up to 485 stitches, I am very glad I purchased that long needle. I also went to a store called Cook's World, a place that was new to me. I found an electric tea kettle that was marked down to half price, so I bought it. It works beautifully and heats a cup water for tea very quickly. I moved the blender to the basement since we rarely use it and put the new kettle in its place on the counter.

Last night Bob picked me up to go to the RIT hockey game and when we walked up to the entrance to the arena we were met with signs that said the game was sold out!! I was so disappointed! So Bob brought me home and I wrote report card comments for a couple of hours. RIT lost the game and when I learned that I didn't feel so bad about missing the game.

This morning dawned clear and cold, but the promise of warmer temps was in the forecast so after a leisurely breakfast, I loaded the XC skis into the Beetle and drove to Mendon Ponds Park. There was just enough snow to make the skiing just fine. I skied for just over an hour an enjoyed the winter exercise under sunny skies and with very few people around. Here are 3 photos from my ski trip.

The SU basketball team eeked out a win yesterday, so I will no longer be talking about how good they are. Corey got us tickets to the Feb. 14th game at SU so we can cheer on the team in person.

Got one quick e-mail from Jim saying that he tried surfing and that it was hard! He said he did manage to stand up on the board and ride a wave in a few times! Did I mention that it was 7 degrees here!!!

Thanks to Corey for telling me how to embed that video. That college tuition is really paying off!

Hope all is well.