Thursday, April 15, 2010

Tax Day

Happy Tax Day! Hope your taxes are all safely filed with the IRS. Are you one of the lucky ones awaiting a refund?

I rode my Trek bike to school today with the hope that I could take a long ride home. In spite of a few threatening sprinkles around lunch time, I was able to take a great 15 mile loop home from school. I left school, worked my way through some residential neighborhoods until I got to the Holy Sepulcher cemetery. I rode through the cemetery to Lake Ave, north on Lake Ave, until I picked up the River Trail. I cruised down the River Trail, took a connecting road to the Parkway bike trail, and then took the 390 bike trail home. It was a great ride, with little traffic. I look forward to doing this again in the last couple months of school.

Spring break is next week and as you might imagine, I can hardly wait. Up until a day ago, I really had no plans. Jim has pretty much dedicated his vacation time for the year, so he couldn't take time off. I didn't really want to fly anywhere and I need to be back in town by April 24. I also thought it would be fun to do some biking somewhere new, but I wanted to go on paved trails. When we were discussing this with Bob and Sally, they strongly suggested the bike trails around Washington, DC. There are enough trails around the DC area to keep me busy for a few days, plus I can see Liz! So tonight I made some hotel reservations and will be leaving on Saturday morning and coming home on either Wednesday or Thursday of next week. The weather in DC looks favorable and it should be pretty down there at this time of year. So watch for some blog posts from our nations' capital!

It is Scooterville time at school and it is one of my students' favorite activities. I transform the gym into a small town and the children travel around on Scooters. Scooterville includes a bank, carwash, YMCA, McDonalds, Wegmans, a school, a gas station, a playground, a library, an ice cream parlor and a tennis court. The children can earn a Scooterville Driver's License if they play safely and nicely and they are wildly excited when they get their little green license! It is such fun for me to watch the kids get completely immersed in the world of make believe. Here is a photo from Scooterville.

Happy Birthday to nephew Michal!

Time to go write a packing list!

Hope all is well.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Catch-up Time

I don't know if I am losing my blogging mojo or if I just don't think there is anything to write about, but this is about the longest I have gone without writing something! So I will catch-up.

First off, I neglected to publish a photo of my wonderful birthday cake that Mom made for me. It was a lemon ice-cream cake roll and it was yummy! Mom made the lemon ice-cream and it was quite lemony, just the way I like it. Thanks again Mom!
Last week was filled with the usual stuff, work and evenings out. We did go to GEVA to see the show Two Trains Running and we enjoyed it. We have one more GEVA show to see in May and that completes our season.

This was another good weekend for biking. The temps were not as hot as last weekend, which made it all the more pleasant. Jim joined me yesterday and today for two 25 mile rides. Yesterday we went west and today we went east. Today we rode the Canal trail out to Lock 32 and we took this photo of the small rapids that are normally in the canal when the canal is not filled and it shows why there is a need for a lock in this particular place.
Last weekend we rode our bikes on the new bike trail along the Lake Ontario Parkway. This trail connects the 390 bike trail to the River trail and it was a great ride. Here is a photo of Jim on the new trail.
When I think back to last weekend, Easter weekend, I realized that maybe I didn't write anything because we were so busy. Bob and Joanie were in town and Corey and his roommate, Mike came for Easter dinner so there was a lot going on. It was good to see everyone and share a delicious Easter dinner.

We feel like Santa has brought us Christmas in April because the UPS man has been delivering boxes of gifts all week. Because Jim is celebrating his 35th anniversary with Johnson and Johnson, he was allowed to select 3000 points-worth of gifts from this huge website that had thousands of different items. I will post a photo of all the gifts once the final gift arrives tomorrow. But here is picture of my new waffle iron in use on Saturday morning. The waffles were a great way to start our day.
It is report card time at school and I have spent a lot of time this weekend writing up comments for about 120 children. I may end up with carpal tunnel problems before I am through! On the bright side, it is time for Scooterville in my gym, starting on Tuesday, and it is one of children's most favorite activities.

Corey called sometime this past week to tell us that some video he shot was featured on Wheel of Fortune. Apparently the company he interned at last summer was hired by a local Bed and Breakfast to do some filming of the B&B. Corey saw the video on Wheel because a stay at that B&B was one of the prizes being given away! He was super excited to see his work on national TV.

I guess that is all for now.

Hope all is well.