Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Free Wednesday Night!

Bell Rehearsal was cancelled tonight for a variety of reasons and it has been nice being able to stay home on a night that I am usually out.

Last night we were at GEVA theater and saw a very funny show called Souvenir about a rich, NYC socialite who thought she could sing. It was very funny, especially knowing that this play was based on a true story. So, if you are in this area and looking for some good entertainment, we would highly recommend this play.

I had thought about riding the cruiser to school today, but it was raining when it was time to leave for school, so I drove. Maybe tomorrow will be a riding day.

I've been knitting on a sweater for me, that I hopefully can have finished to wear to the New York State Sheep and Wool Festival in mid-October. I have knit about 10 inches up from the bottom edge. It is a pretty straight forward pattern so I am optomistic about finishing it. Stay tuned!

And here is a "blast from the past" photo (because Jim likes photos in the blog!). This was taken when Jim and Corey were in Utah visiting Tucker in late May.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sunday NIght Summary

Sunday night, 9 PM, time for a quick update and then to bed because tomorrow is a school day.

Yesterday Jim and I were up early to work as volunteers at the Highlander bike ride in the Finger Lakes area. We stopped to pick up Jim's running buddy, Tony, and then made the hour drive to our rest stop post at the Bristol Harbor Resort. We arrived at 7:30 AM and help set up the tables, canopies, and food for the riders who started arriving around 8 AM. There were 4 ride options with mileages ranging from 37 miles to 100 miles. The biggest challenge in these 4 rides is the elevation gain, with the longest ride climbing 11,000 feet including 2 hills with 23% grades! The riders came to us fairly early in their rides so no one was too whipped yet!
We were steadily busy until about 11:30, and then it dropped way off.

Here is what Jim and Tony did when there were moments of quiet"

Crackberry Heads!

Bristol Harbor Resort has a golf course, spa, hotel and restaurant, all with stunning views of Canandaigua Lake. Even on an overcast day it was a pretty location.

The rest of the day was pretty casual but we revved up the Wii later in the evening for some Beatles Rock Band! We are really having fun with that!

Today Bethany Church kicked off its Centennial Year Celebration with a big worship service. We all gathered outside on the front steps. One lane of Dewey Avenue was shut down to accommodate the crowd. There were local dignitaries there that presented various proclamations to the church and the the Town Supervisor declared that today was Bethany Day in the Town of Greece! We all processed back into the sanctuary to the music of a brass quartet playing Ode to Joy. There was lots of good music (including my bell choir) and the service was very well attended. It was a good start to a year of celebrations.

Here is a photo of me working in the newly cleaned out corner of the backyard. We transplanted some hostas and today I moved some ivy to serve as ground cover. 

Back to school tomorrow. Monday night is knitting guild and that will be good to get back to after a summer hiatus. 

Tucker and Corey both called this weekend and both are doing well. Corey had some intestinal thing going on last week, but all tests came back negative and he is feeling better and running better. Tucker is close to renting a house in Cortez, Colorado for when his new job starts in October. I'll include some photos here when I get some (hint, hint, Tucker!).

Hope all is well.