Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Free Wednesday Night!

Bell Rehearsal was cancelled tonight for a variety of reasons and it has been nice being able to stay home on a night that I am usually out.

Last night we were at GEVA theater and saw a very funny show called Souvenir about a rich, NYC socialite who thought she could sing. It was very funny, especially knowing that this play was based on a true story. So, if you are in this area and looking for some good entertainment, we would highly recommend this play.

I had thought about riding the cruiser to school today, but it was raining when it was time to leave for school, so I drove. Maybe tomorrow will be a riding day.

I've been knitting on a sweater for me, that I hopefully can have finished to wear to the New York State Sheep and Wool Festival in mid-October. I have knit about 10 inches up from the bottom edge. It is a pretty straight forward pattern so I am optomistic about finishing it. Stay tuned!

And here is a "blast from the past" photo (because Jim likes photos in the blog!). This was taken when Jim and Corey were in Utah visiting Tucker in late May.

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