Thursday, November 12, 2009

Santa Comes to The Villages

Tonight Santa Claus made an unannounced visit to The Villages, where he delivered a new TV to Grandma and Grandpa. They seemed overwhelmed with this surprise gift and expressed appreciation to all their children and families. Santa got the TV all set up, including the closed captioning option and put the old TV into the storage area. You can see the new TV in the background.
In the foreground, it is apparent that the cat has remembered who Grandpa is!

All is well in The Villages.

Hope all is well with you.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Grandpa Home!

Four weeks and 4 days later, Grandpa is home from the hospital!!! Of course, getting discharged from the hospital is an all-day process, so I imagine both Grandpa and Grandma a pretty tired tonight. Here is Grandpa eating dinner at his table in his home!

It took over an hour to get all the discharge papers read, understood and signed.

But he made it home and can enjoy being home in his own chair with his cat by his side (once the cat remembers who he is!).

I had today off for Veteran's Day. I spent the morning writing comments for report cards and then putting the comments in the appropriate cards. I have now completed the whole report card task until next January! I had lunch with Pam at a BBQ place in Spencerport and it was very good. The name of the place is Taste of Texas and I will have to take Jim there for lunch or dinner in the near future.

Tonight, at 8:30, Jim and I were supposed to get our photo taken for the church directory, but the photographers were behind schedule and by 9 PM there was still one family ahead of us so we left. I will schedule for another time, a time when we can wait if we have to. We'd like to thank Pat and Ken, the photo hosts at church and good friends, who chatted with us while we waited!

Back to school tomorrow.

Hope all is well.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Highs to Lows to Highs

Grandpa Update: Yesterday was a bad day for Grandpa, resulting in him being transfered to the Emergency Department with symptoms of heart problems. After being stabilized, he was admitted to the hospital for further observation. Tonight Jim reports that Grandpa is 1000% better and is talking and eating. Apparently yesterday he was suffering from congestive heart failure and now that he has had some diuretics to remove the excess fluid from his body he is like a new man. He is thinking he might get to go home later this week. Never a dull moment! Stay tuned.

Jim and I had a fun weekend, until about 2 PM on Sunday when we saw Grandpa in a bad way. On Friday night Bob and Sally joined us as we went to the RIT hockey game and we saw another big win over Army.

Saturday morning we drove to Genesee Community College to watch the Cross-Country sectionals and the boys from Odyssey won the Class C title!!! They all ran so well! It was thrilling to see their success.

In the afternoon we raked leaves and got most of the yard cleaned up. While we were raking our neighbor's lawn service showed up to clean up his leaves! This was great because in all years prior, he has not done anything to pick up his leaves until Thanksgiving and by then a lot of his leaves have blown into our yard and we have raked them up. I can hardly wait to see him and thank him for having his service come in such a timely manner!

Saturday night we went to Sherri and Terry's for dinner along with Jean and Dave. Much to Jim's surprise the dinner was a celebration of his birthday and his bronze medal at the World Master's Track and Field Championships this summer! Sherri decorated the table in red, white and blue, with water bottles instead of water glasses and headbands for each of us. Jean put together a runner's treat basket including lots of foods that runners eat! Jim was very surprised and we enjoyed the festivities. We ended the evening playing Beatles Rock Band and had lots of laughs and fun.

The weather on Sunday morning was glorious so we decided to take the canoe to the canal and go for a boat ride. Jim just got roof top carriers for his Vibe so we are finally able to transport the canoe. It was a perfect morning on the canal and it made us realize that we've really missed canoeing. Bob and Sally, we're up for planning a canoe trip this summer, how about you?

Tucker and Corey were both camping this weekend, Tucker on Comb Ridge, Corey up by the water tower on South Campus! Here is a photo from Corey's night out. Those are the lights of Syracuse in the background!
Hope all is well.