Saturday, March 21, 2009

Saturday Stats

I'm taking a break from sitting in front of the TV watching the basketball, to sitting in front of the computer, with the basketball on the TV in my peripheral vision! There have been some good games, with a couple of upsets. Syracuse won their game yesterday and will have a bigger challenge tomorrow when they play Arizona State. Go Orange!

Last night I gave up a couple of hours of basketball to cheer on the RIT Hockey team as they played for a spot in the finals of the Atlantic Hockey Conference (?).
The game was at the Blue Cross Arena and was well attended.
Unfortunately, RIT came up a goal short in an overtime loss. We have really enjoyed being Tiger's fans this winter and will pay attention to when the season starts next fall. 

Today was my spinning guild so I went to Victor where I spent a few hours spinning.  I am hoping to have a skein of handspun yarn to enter in the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival in May. One of the guild members, who has a sheep farm was selling lamb so I bought some chops from her~support your local farmer! After the guild meeting I made a quick stop at Eastview Mall and used a $20 gift card at Coldwater Creek, purchasing a pair of capri pants to wear at school. 

Tonight I went out to dinner with Gram and GrandDad and we tried a new pizza place in the Corn Hill area called Tony D's Coal-fired Pizza. We were seated at a "bar" that circled around the open kitchen so we were entertained the whole time we were there, watching the 3 people prepare all the meals.
Our dinners were very good~ GrandDad and I each had a pizza and Gram had a Pannini. Our backs were to the windows that overlooked a deck along the Genesee River. I watched the chef prepare several plates of Greens and Beans, a meal I enjoy when we are out, so we will have to go back so I can try that menu item. 

Jim is in Maryland at the National Master's Indoor Track Meet and he has had a lot of success in his first 2 races. On Friday he took 1st place in the Men's (55-59) 3000 meter race and today took second in the mile. Tomorrow he runs the 800 meter race and then jumps in the car for a 6-plus hour drive home.

Time to focus on the basketball again and pick up my knitting. 

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Photo Update

We have heard from both boys recently and they both sent some photos of what they have been up to. 

Corey took a couple of long bike rides during the last couple of days of his spring break and sent along these photos.

He is back to running with the team and is trying to line up an internship with a Syracuse TV station. On his biking days, he was enjoying that first taste of spring, which is always sweet!

Tucker sent along 3 photos from his Mexico trip. There are captions under each photo explaining what you are seeing.

The first photo is over looking Coyote Bay and Playa El Burro which are on Bahia Conception.

The 2nd photo is a view of Canyon Santa Teresa where the rock art we hiked into was.

And the 3rd photo is me with the rock art!! 

Jim left for Maryland this afternoon. He is running in the National Master's Indoor Track meet. He races on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. He will be back on Sunday night.

Me, I'm watching basketball on TV. I am in 3 different pools so I am cheering for everybody! 

Basketball on TV makes for good knitting time and I hope to make good progress on the baby blanket in the next week or so. 

Back to the game. . . . 

Hope all is well. 

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Join the Madness

CBS Sports has made it fairly simple to run a basketball pool so I am inviting you to join the Empty Nest Madness bracket competition. The fee is $5.00 per bracket entered and the winner will be the person who gets the most points in the whole tournament. The winner will get 50% of the pot, 2nd place will get 30 % and 3rd place will get 20%. If you are interested in joining, please e-mail me or leave a comment and I will get in touch with you on how to access the Empty Nest group page at CBS Sports. If I have your e-mail address, I may have already sent you an invitation to that website. Scoring and rules are on the website.

Tonight the teams will be announced and you have until the first tip-off of the first game on March 19th to complete your bracket on the website. You then need to send me your $5.00 (or more if you have entered more than one bracket) by March 28th. The maximum number of brackets you can enter is 3, CBS rule, not mine. 

So let me know if you want to join the fun. Since this is my first time managing something like this, let me know if I have forgotten to provide some important info.

Hope you join!