Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Salmon, Idaho

Here I am in the Salmon Public Library with 30 minutes to write this and check my mail. Today has been a nice, warm day with the promise of more to come. When I talked to Tucker last night he was saying that it looked like we were going to have great weather for this trip. I commented that when I checked the long-range forecast for McCall, Idaho, and it called for cool temps, he reminded me that McCall is much higher in elevation than the Salmon River and it is typically 10 degrees cooler than the river. So I have lots of cool weather clothes packed that hopefully will stay at the bottom of my dry bag.

After a make-your-own waffle for breakfast at the inn, I headed to the park near the inn where I knew I could walk. Some urban development has happened in the park in Salmon and there is now a nicer walking path with 5 different fitness stations along it. So I did the loop three times, stopping to do most of the exercises. I then continued into town to check out the times for the library and look in all (most) of the shops. I spent all morning walking (except for 40 minutes when I was using the library computers and reading their newspapers) and then bought lunch at the grocery store and walked back to the inn to eat.

I was reminded about the driving laws here is Idaho as I approached my first crosswalk while out last night. Apparently if a pedestrian is waiting to cross a street at a crosswalk, all traffic is to stop, giving the pedestrian the right of way! How cool is that? And Idahoans do it!! I always have given a little thank you wave, because in Rochester, pedestrians (and bicyclists) are pretty much ignored.

Lunch on the lania of my room was excellent. Then I did some reading and knitting as the Salmon River flowed by.

Liz called me from the Boise airport to report her arrival and that her flight here was leaving at 2 PM. I imagine she will have a more pleasant flight than I did yesterday because instead of the wind howling at 25-30 mph, it is a gentle 5-10 mph.

Liz and I will grab some dinner at one of the local spots and then attend a pre-trip meeting with the trip leader and the other passengers. The trip leader will hand out our dry bags and then Liz and I can spend the rest of the evening deciding how to layer all of our stuff in the bag. Inevidibly, what I'll be looking for tomorrow afternoon will have gotten all the way to the bottom of the bag!

This will be my last entry for awhile, unless Jim decides he has something to say.

See you downstream!

Hope all is well.

Monday, July 13, 2009


This will be a quick entry because I am using the one computer in the lobby of the Stagecoach Inn, Salmon, Idaho.

Jim got home from Wisconsin as planned last night and we were back to the airport at 8 this morning for me. I had 2 uneventful flights from Rochester to Boise. Then I boarded a tiny little prop plane for the 70 minute flight to Salmon. It was 70 minutes of bumps, jostles and drops. If the flight had lasted 10 more minutes I think I would have needed to use one of the blue barf bags, except I was so hungry that I'm sure there was nothing to throw up! When we landed the pilot looked at me and said, "Wow, that was a really turbulent trip!" Tell me about it! I forgot to mention that I was the only passenger! We left as soon as I picked up my bag from the United carousel.

But I got here safely and as scheduled. The Stagecoach Inn van picked me up at the airport and brought me into town. I have a room on the upper floor of the inn, overlooking the very fast moving Salmon River.

Talked briefly to Tucker tonight, as I told him I would check in when I got to Salmon. He and the rest of the crew spent the day packing up for our trip. He and crew drive to the put-in tomorrow, and the rest of us go on Wednesday.

After my stomach settled down, I tried a new place for dinner called The Junkyard Bistro and had a good meal, a sampler plate of bruchetta.

I'm pretty tired and will turn in soon, as my body tells me it is 2 hours later than the local clock indicates! Plus that little plane ride tired me out, it is exhausting fearing for your life.

Hope all is well.