Monday, July 13, 2009


This will be a quick entry because I am using the one computer in the lobby of the Stagecoach Inn, Salmon, Idaho.

Jim got home from Wisconsin as planned last night and we were back to the airport at 8 this morning for me. I had 2 uneventful flights from Rochester to Boise. Then I boarded a tiny little prop plane for the 70 minute flight to Salmon. It was 70 minutes of bumps, jostles and drops. If the flight had lasted 10 more minutes I think I would have needed to use one of the blue barf bags, except I was so hungry that I'm sure there was nothing to throw up! When we landed the pilot looked at me and said, "Wow, that was a really turbulent trip!" Tell me about it! I forgot to mention that I was the only passenger! We left as soon as I picked up my bag from the United carousel.

But I got here safely and as scheduled. The Stagecoach Inn van picked me up at the airport and brought me into town. I have a room on the upper floor of the inn, overlooking the very fast moving Salmon River.

Talked briefly to Tucker tonight, as I told him I would check in when I got to Salmon. He and the rest of the crew spent the day packing up for our trip. He and crew drive to the put-in tomorrow, and the rest of us go on Wednesday.

After my stomach settled down, I tried a new place for dinner called The Junkyard Bistro and had a good meal, a sampler plate of bruchetta.

I'm pretty tired and will turn in soon, as my body tells me it is 2 hours later than the local clock indicates! Plus that little plane ride tired me out, it is exhausting fearing for your life.

Hope all is well.

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jdgrivetti said...

Have a great trip. I know you will.