Saturday, July 11, 2009

Halfway through the Weekend

Halfway through the weekend, but I guess when I am off from school, everyday is like a weekend day! So here's what has been happening around here.

Jim is in Wisconsin for the National Masters Track and Field Championships and is running well. On Friday he won his age-group in the 3000 meter Steeple Chase. He was disappointed to not have any real competition, so his time was slower than he had hoped. He won by over one minute! Today he ran the 800 meter and this was a much more competitive race. Because of very windy conditions, he hung back on the leader's shoulder until the last turn when he out kicked the guy! Now that is the way to race! So congratulations are in order for Jim! Tomorrow he runs in the 1500 and hopes to make it a hat trick with 3 gold medals! He gets home late Sunday night. 

Friday was a glorious summer day. I decided to take advantage of the nice weather and do some yard work. I mowed the whole yard, and with an electric mower that needs to be pushed, that was a workout! I then did some trimming and edging and then cleaned up all the mess with the blower. Things look pretty good. 

Today's forecast was for a decent morning, but storms blowing through in the early afternoon, followed by clearing in anticipation of a nice day tomorrow, and that is exactly what has happened. I was at the Farmer's Market at the mall when it opened at 9. Made some quick purchases, brought the stuff home and then got ready to go to the Corn Hill Arts Festival, which officially opened at 10. This festival can get really crowded by the afternoon, and I didn't want to get involved with that or the nasty weather that was headed our way so I drove downtown at 9:30, found a free parking spot on the Broad Street bridge and walked to the Corn Hill area. I walked around for almost 2 hours, but headed back to my car as the skies darkened and the first raindrops started to fall. Here is a photo for my Mom of one of the booths where the vendor was selling lampshades like she makes.
I bought 3 things, which is really a lot for me. Many years I come home empty-handed. 

I bought this cute bumblebee wind chime for in our patio garden.
I bought this flower vase made out of old silverware. The flowers are from my garden!
I also purchased a simple lapis necklace and earrings to go with a lapis bracelet that I already had. No photo~you'll have to trust me that they are lovely!

As I mentioned, the rain started as I walked back to my car and by the time I got home and pulled into the garage, we were in the midst of a torrential downpour!
The thunder, lightning and heavy rain lasted about 20 minutes, and then it continued to just rain for another hour or so. The skies have now cleared and there is the promise of nice day tomorrow. 

Sunday afternoon I will be one of the judges for the sewing competition at the Monroe County Fair. It should be interesting.

Corey called late this afternoon, having just gotten up from his nap! He worked 5 full days last week~he was exhausted. He does like his job and all the things he is learning to do. 

I've been packing up for my river trip and I think I have everything in my big duffle bag. I checked the long-range forecast for central Idaho for next week and the sun is supposed to be shining, but the high temps are only supposed to be around 80, which is about 10 degrees lower than other years when we've done this trip. I packed my light-weight wool long underwear!

Hope all is well.

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