Sunday, July 5, 2009

Jenny Lake Review

Posted on Monday, because Blogger was not working on Sunday night.

After 4 good days at Jenny Lake we've returned home to get ready for our next adventures. 

Jim and I left for camp on Thursday morning and drove through on-again off-again showers. After a nice lunch at the Hungry Bear Restaurant, we arrived at camp in the early afternoon. It was good to see Gram and GrandDad, Jim, Maryanne, Zach and Zach's friend Shane. Corey left Syracuse later in the day and arrived in time for dinner. 

Speaking of dinner, Jim and Maryanne were in charge of dinner and outdid themselves with a tasty meal of beef tenderloin, baked potatoes and veggies. Here is a photo of some of the men trying to "help" Jim with the grilling so that they do not have to do dinner dishes!
Because of cool, damp weather, we had to eat dinner inside.

I don't think we've seen Jim and Maryanne in about 2 years and J & M have not changed, but Zach has grown about a foot! Here is a photo of Zach, on the right, and his friend Shane.

At Zach's request, we brought along our Rock Band game and played it on the Wii that he brought from home. After dinner, we rocked out!
Friday was a mix sun, clouds and rain, but the rain had moved out by afternoon. 

We raised the flag for the season.
Some of us sat on the deck, trying to catch a few rays. 
It was my turn to cook dinner for the gang, and I decided to do BBQ Ribs (using the Wegmans recipe). Jim seared the ribs on the grill and then I got them sauced up and in the oven for a slow cook. 

There was some swimming later in the afternoon. Notice the new float! The guys gave it the Thumbs Up approval.
After delicious ribs, Jim and I went out in the row boat, he to fish, me to get some exercise. He caught this nice bass.
Saturday was a better weather day than Friday, and we did more outside things. Corey and I got out for a bike ride and there was more swimming. Zach and Shane played tennis.

We all went to the Annual Picnic and as usual enjoyed the wonderful "pot luck" items that people bring to share. Here is a family photo I took:
Oh, wait a minute. Where's Corey?

Oh, there he is~talking to a pretty girl! Let's try again. Here is our family photo at the picnic:

We left camp this morning, with Corey following us. We waved goodbye to him at the 481 exit on the Thruway and were home by 1:30PM. We got the car unpacked, stuff put away, laundry started, the grass mowed and groceries bought before heading over to Grandma and Grandpa's for dinner. Aunt Terry has been in town since we left on Thursday so we had a nice visit with her. It is always good to catch up on family happenings.

Hope you had a good Fourth of July Weekend.

Hope all is well.

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