Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Pedicure Pandemonium

Many people  have spoken and I have listened. Many of the teachers at school told me I deserved pedicure when they noticed that I was the only woman at the Michael Jackson dance tribute without my toenails painted. The uproar that followed the photo of Jim painting my toenails made me re-think my frugalness. So today I went to the salon where I have my hair cut and a nice young lady gave me a pedicure that lasted almost an hour. And my teacher friends were right~ I did deserve a pedicure!

My pedicure started with a nice foot soak in warm soapy water in a foot Jacuzzi, followed by the sanding and buffing of my feet.

After my cuticles were attended to, and moisturizer massaged into my feet and calfs it was time for the polish. I chose a deep raspberry pink color.

And here is the finished product! We'll see how long it lasts, but it sure was an enjoyable experience!

The rest of today was a washout, with numerous thunderstorms rolling through. Although there were brief glimpses of the sun! I did get a bunch of jobs done today, including making some Chocolate Chip cookies using dark chocolate chips and adding raisins. Jim loves them!

Yesterday was my first official day of summer vacation (the weekend didn't count, I always have weekends), and I went to lunch with 2 friends who also work in the schools. Jean, Sherri and I went to Pelican's Nest for a birthday lunch for Sherri.  This place is right on the river, so after a leisurely lunch, we hiked up the new River Walk trail. 
We got caught in a few raindrops on our way back to the car. It was a fun afternoon and a great way to start summer. 

Yesterday I also finished knitting a pair of socks that I started about 2 years ago. I bought the yarn in Ottawa and tried a new way (for me) of knitting socks~from the toe up! There are things I liked about this sock construction, namely that I could make the sock go as high up my leg as I had yarn, as well as having to learn new techniques for starting and turning the heel. I was not crazy about how the heel turned out, but I have since read about other options for doing the heel on toe up socks and will try one of those ways in future sock projects. Here is  a  photo of me modeling my new socks (pre-pedicure!):
Tomorrow I get my summer haircut (short) and will start packing up for Jenny Lake.

I recently got a phone call from my friend Judy, who asked me if I would like to judge the sewing competition at the Monroe County Fair! After thinking for a moment, I said, "yes!" I used to sew a great deal and always felt that I was quite competent at it (thanks Mom!). So, on Sunday, July 12th, I will report to the fairgrounds and see what kind of projects are entered. It should be a fun and learning experience. 

Hope all is well.

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Caroline said...

Good for you girl on getting that much deserved pedicure! I so wish I could that for myself! I have had two (both before weddings, one being my own) and I have to say...it is truly amazing :) Now a mom of two little ones, I do not have the money or the time to do a lot of pampering to myself....and my feet are gross-seriously! I have tried to create my own (frugal) spa at home. I sit in my hot bath, soaking away the stress ( I love using my Origins all natural bath stuff) and then when I get out...I use a pumice on my little nasties (feet) and rub some Topricin foot cream all over them! It is really luxurious for a home spa ;) I love using natural products and especially when they feel so good and work so well (even get rid of blisters and calluses!) So anyway- great going on your pedicure, they do feel so wonderful! Have a good summer break! Caroline