Thursday, July 9, 2009

A Summer Day!

Today was a beautiful summer day, with one more forecasted for tomorrow!

My friend, Wendy, and I rode our bikes to Pittsford for lunch at Aladdin's restaurant. This was a perfect day for a bike ride and we had a delicious lunch to fuel us for the ride home. When I proposed this ride, I stated that it was about 11 miles to the restaurant, when in actuality it was almost 15 miles! So I was approaching 30 miles when we got back to my house, and Wendy still had 2 -3 miles to get to her house! But it was a great day to be on a bike, so neither of us were complaining about the extra miles.

Aladdin's restaurant has two outdoor seating areas, one on the level of the canal path, and another on a covered deck over the lower level. We got a table on the upper deck and we had a lovely view of this very healthy looking pot of petunias. 
Later this afternoon I went to my second yoga class this week. It felt good to stretch out after my bike ride. 

I did some outside chores after dinner, because it was too nice to be inside.

Jim called tonight to tell me that he was supposed to run a preliminary heat of the 800 meter run today to see who would qualify for the finals on Sunday. However, when the time came for the race, only 12 guys had declared that they were running, so the meet officials decided not to run the preliminary heat, and just run all 12 guys in the finals. So Jim spent a lot of time at the track, but didn't do anything. He did cheer for his running buddy, from Williamsburg, VA who ran in the 5000. Jim runs the Steeple Chase tomorrow.

Tomorrow I need to mow some grass and get serious about packing up for my river trip. 

I'd like to say "Hi" to our family friend, Carolyn K., a new reader to this blog!

Hope all is well.

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