Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Grandpa Home!

Four weeks and 4 days later, Grandpa is home from the hospital!!! Of course, getting discharged from the hospital is an all-day process, so I imagine both Grandpa and Grandma a pretty tired tonight. Here is Grandpa eating dinner at his table in his home!

It took over an hour to get all the discharge papers read, understood and signed.

But he made it home and can enjoy being home in his own chair with his cat by his side (once the cat remembers who he is!).

I had today off for Veteran's Day. I spent the morning writing comments for report cards and then putting the comments in the appropriate cards. I have now completed the whole report card task until next January! I had lunch with Pam at a BBQ place in Spencerport and it was very good. The name of the place is Taste of Texas and I will have to take Jim there for lunch or dinner in the near future.

Tonight, at 8:30, Jim and I were supposed to get our photo taken for the church directory, but the photographers were behind schedule and by 9 PM there was still one family ahead of us so we left. I will schedule for another time, a time when we can wait if we have to. We'd like to thank Pat and Ken, the photo hosts at church and good friends, who chatted with us while we waited!

Back to school tomorrow.

Hope all is well.

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