Friday, August 3, 2007


 They say that practice makes perfect, but that proved not to be the case today. I did get Jim and Corey to go to the driving range with me last night (but only if I promised to buy them ice cream afterwards!) and we split a large bucket of balls. Jim quit soon after we got there because he was consistently hitting the ball out about 200 yards! Corey and I finished up the bucket, because we were inconsistent, to say the least. We must have been fairly entertaining because one of the guys who works at the driving range came out and sat to watch us! 

This morning I went to Twin Hills golf course with Sherri Taber and Jan Stanton. Let's just say that we got our money's worth and had more laughs than strokes (and we took a lot of strokes)! On one hole we each lost two balls-I lost one in the creek and one in the woods opposite the creek! I did get a bogey on one hole which I thought was amazing and never scored a 10 or more on a hole. It was hot on the course, but there were a good number of trees and my ball was like a tree magnet so I was in the shade a fair amount. We three went out for lunch after our golf outing and agreed to check our calendars to see if we could hit the links again next Friday. 

Tomorrow I am going to the Park Avenue Festival and in the evening Jim and I are going out to dinner with some friends. Corey's boss is getting married tomorrow and he asked Corey to be at the wedding/reception to "help out," whatever that means. He needs to be there from 10 Am to sometime in the evening. Hopefully, there will be good food for him to eat.

Just had a nice phone call from Tucker. He still plans to come home at the end of August which we are happy about. 

I've done a fair amount of knitting this week. I made a new dishcloth out of some of the leftover yarn I used for gift dishcloths and I finished the back of my cotton/lycra tank top and started on the front. Hopefully I will finish the top before the cold weather arrives!

I'll post an entry tomorrow before we go to Toronto on Sunday morning. I have my new Yankees baseball hat ready to go-it is pink!

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