Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Summer Fun

Ahh, the lazy days of summer.

I've been for 2 bike rides in the past couple of days. Yesterday I did a quick 12 miles and this morning I got 25 miles in. Both days were beautiful mornings for riding. 

Last night Jim and I went to Maw and Porges's. We took over a blueberry cobbler and our Iceland photos. We showed our photos and shared our cobbler in exchange for a colorful bouquet of flowers from Maw's cutting garden. Now I have beautiful flowers in the kitchen and living room. 

Corey is kayaking tonight and Jim is at track practice so I will eat solo tonight. I am trying a Turkey Club Quesidilla recipe in a Kraft foods cooking magazine that Maw gave to me. Instead of cooking the quesidillas on the grill, I'm going to use the George.

This afternoon I went out to lunch with Sherri Taber and Jean Tomasso. We went to the Pelican's Nest down by the river and had a good lunch and enjoyed the cooler breezes off the lake.

Tomorrow is August 1st. Yikes! I don't want to start thinking about school just yet!

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Carl said...

Hi Sounds like you into your summer lazy days. Good to get your blog. We heard from Bob late yesterday and they expect to get here early afternoon.Looking forward to their visit and get up to date on all that's happening. Have a good day and say Hi to Corey and Jim.
Love, Dad.