Thursday, August 2, 2007

Dog Days of Summer

Summer is here in full swing! Yesterday the temp hit 90 and today we're going for the record of 96 degrees! We must be approaching that mark right now in the mid-afternoon.
We've turned on the A/C and the house is comfortable, but it would be great to be at Jenny Lake where one could jump into to the lake and float to escape the heat. Bob and Joanie should be at camp by now-lucky them!

The above photos are from my 30 mile bike ride this morning, from Apollo Drive to Pittsford and back. The first photo is of the novice rowers from Pittsford High School, out for a work-out. Photo number two shows a couple of cabin cruisers heading for Pittsford. The last photo was taken by the mother of the little boy standing behind me. They were sitting on the rocks feeding the ducks when I asked the mother to take my picture.   I had a great ride and may try to organize a ride from Greece to Pittsford for some of my biking friends and colleagues. We could ride to Pittsford, eat lunch at Alladins Restaurant right on the canal and then head back to Greece. That might be a good thing to plan for the time right after we take Corey to SU and Jim is in Belgium (for work). 

Yesterday was August 1st and the first of any month means 2 things have to happen. One, the flower in my Beetle needs to be changed and two, the cross-stitched Snowman of the Month needs to be changed. I now have 2 minature yellow sunflowers in the Beetle and the August Snowman is standing in a field of sunflowers. I see a theme here!

We got some sad news yesterday and that is that Tom Ricci's wedding has been cancelled. We recieved a short letter from Tom's parents with that announcement, but no details. I'll have to ask around to see what has happened. I e-mailed Tucker with the news and am not sure what he will do about his plans to come home at the end of August.  

I went to the Greece Farmer's Market and got some peaches, blueberries and corn on the cob. We're all looking forward to the fresh corn with dinner tonight.

Tomorrow I am going to play golf with Sherri Taber-an annual summer escapade! Maybe I can get Jim and Corey to go hit a bucket of balls with me tonight so I can remember what it feels like to swing a club and hit a ball. Watch this blog for the highlights and low-lights from that outing.

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