Sunday, July 29, 2007

Home Again

We had an uneventful trip home from Jenny Lake-it was especially easy for me because Jim drove the whole way freeing me up to knit on my pink tank top. We arrived home to find Corey in the middle of making dinner for us!! What a treat! He made Chicken Fijitas using 3 different colored peppers, Spanish rice, and guacamole dip with chips. It was excellent.

Our Iceland Slide show was a success. There were about 17 people there, not counting Jim and me and the slides lasted about 35 minutes. People asked good questions and several folks stayed after the show to get more in depth details. Jim and Sue Allen, along with Matt, Laura and baby Audrey came back to camp after the show for ice cream (Adirondack Bear Paw!!) and cookies. We will now put the photos up on Kodak Gallery and if you want to see them, let me know and I will have Kodak Gallery send you an invitation to view them.

I read a whole 300 page book while at camp this weekend! It was an easy read, the third book in a series with a knitting theme! Mom had gotten it out of the Corinth Library, but was going to return it when I told her that there were 2 other books before that one that she should read first. 

There were a couple of comments asking about what the rules were. Here they are:
1. Nobody at the house.
2. Don't be stupid (this one covers a lot!).

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Elizabeth said...

My dad always has two rules for me (even to this day!):

1. Have fun and
2. Behave