Saturday, July 28, 2007

Jenny Lake

The sun is shining after a rainy start to the day and I just came in from a row around the lake. Life is good!

Jim and I drove to JL last night, arriving in just under 4 hours. One of the reasons that we came to camp this weekend is that we are going to show our Iceland slides at the Community House tonight. So, after we got all our stuff down from the car to camp, Jim decided to see if the computer and projector worked. They didn't. The computer was working and the projector appeared to be working but they were not working together! After a couple of hours of trying everything he could think of to make the set-up work, we were still unable to project our photos from the computer. Jim then had the brilliant idea that Jim Allen may have a projector and since the Allens were coming to camp today, if he had one, he could bring it to us. Well, miracle of miracles, he did have a projector and he dropped it off an hour ago, as they arrived at JL. The show will go on!! We had to hang a sheet on the Community House wall because the screen that was there looked like something that George Eastman personally installed! So, I guess we are ready to go tonight. Hopefully, someone will come.

I hear the beach calling my name so I must go! Rumor has it that the lake temperature is 80 degrees.

Corey, hope you are remembering the 2 rules! :)


coreyrob said...

Don't worry!

Tucker said...

What were the rules???

Elizabeth said...

Yeah, I'd like to hear what the rules are too! And, wouldn't mind seeing the Iceland pictures sometime.