Thursday, July 26, 2007

Downtown Fun

Whew! The hot, humid weather has come to Rochester-I break into a sweat just sitting here at  the computer. 

Today I wrote and mailed our first tuition check to Syracuse University! I am very thankful that Corey has a partial scholarship or writing full tuition checks might put me in the grave. I know that SU is a great school and that Corey will make the most of his opportunities there, so I figure that it is money well spent.

This morning at 6:15 AM, I thought about two of my favorite things about summer vacation. Number 1 - I love rolling over for a little more sleep when Jim's alarm goes off at 6:15 AM. Number 2 - I love having choices about what I am going to do on a summer day. Do I want to go for a bike ride, or should I clean out the porch, when will I knit, shall I try a new recipe for dinner? Choices, choices, choices! It seems that I have very little discretionary time during the school year. 

Tonight we 3 went downtown for "Ribbin' on the River - A Blues and BBQ Rib0ff." There were 2 stages set-up outside near the Blue Cross Arena and 4 BBQ trailers and other food vendors set up near the stages. 

After checking out all the BBQ places, we chose to buy our dinner from a Florida-based BBQ vendor named "Porky-N-Beans. Jim and Corey went for the Porky Platter-a sampler of all the BBQ this company had to offer. I opted for the Pulled Pork Sandwich. All of it was delicious.

We enjoyed the 2 bands that played while we ate. We didn't stay too long after dinner
because Corey was exhausted from his long run this morning and several hours of kayaking this afternoon.
Mixed up a batch of soft molasses cookies tonight and will bake and frost them tomorrow. 

Welcome to the newest Empty Nest reader, Liz. Thanks for your kind comment!

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