Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Take me out to the ballgame

It was baseball night for Jim and me. Jim and Corey have won some tickets to a Red Wings game at some of their races, so Jim and I took advantage of free admission. We got to the stadium in time to grab some dinner and then watch the game. Rochester was playing Syracuse and I think the Red Wings beat Syracuse last night but that was not the case tonight after 7 innings. Syracuse looked great, and the Red Wings couldn't make a good play if their lives depended on it. Makes no matter to us-it was a perfect evening to be at the ballpark. Corey didn't go with us because he had to work.
This was our warm-up baseball game because we are going to see the Yankees play the Toronto Blue Jays on our 30th anniversary, August 6th. I've been a Yankees fan for a long
time and this seemed like the easiest way to see them play. We are going to Toronto on Sunday, August 5th, spending the night, and then watching the afternoon game before heading home on Monday night. 

I spent most of the morning working on my Iceland Slide Show that we are showing at Jenny Lake this Saturday night. I think I have it all in order now and a short  narration written. This afternoon I cleaned out our file cabinet, shredding 3 trashcans of papers, and then sorted and filed about 8 months worth of paperwork. I don't have much to show for my efforts but I know that I got a big job done. Hum, what shall I clean out next? Too soon to start in Corey's room, maybe I'll keep working on the porch or try to bring some organization to my yarn room (formally known as Tucker's room!). I'll see how I get inspired in the next few days.

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Elizabeth said...

I have been working on cleaning out old files and stuff, and while my room may not look better, it makes me feel better!

I think this blog is a great idea!