Monday, August 6, 2007

Go Yankees!

We had a wonderful, whirl-wind trip to Toronto, with the finale being the Yankees beating the Blue Jays! 
We had an easy drive to Toronto, with no problems or delays at customs. The huge delay was going into the States with the traffic being backed up almost to Toronto. There was some civic holiday in Ontario so it was a long weekend for many Canadians. Our first stop in Toronto was at a yarn store called Lettuce Knit. Stephanie Pearl McPhee writes about this store in her knitting blog. It was a tiny shop in the Kensington Market area, filled with beautiful yarns-lots of Lorna Lace, and Fleece Artist. Yes, I did buy something, but I cannot disclose any details because the purchase was for a gift for a reader of this blog!

After a mexican lunch in the Market area, we checked into our hotel, the Intercontinental. This was the view from our room! It was especially beautiful at night when the CN tower and baseball stadium were illuminated!

We arrived at the Rogers Center (the Blue Jays home stadium) about 90 minutes before it was time to, "Play Ball" and in time to see the Yankees take batting practice. We walked around the 3 general levels of the stadium, stopping to take some photos and check out what ballpark food would be available for lunch. 

This stadium has a retractable roof which was opened for this sunny day. Our seats were under the overhang (think shade!) just inside the foul line pole in left field. The seats were actually pretty good and we were thankful to not have to sit in the 90 degree sunshine for 4 hours. The stadium looks pretty empty right now, but by game time it was quite full with over 42,000 fans in attendance.

We got fairly close to the field during batting practice and got to see Derek Jeter in action. He looked good in batting practice, but went 0 for 4 when it counted!! Oh, well. It was fun to see him play. 

Tucker, you may be interested to know that we did get to see Frank Thomas play. He is the designated hitter for the Blue Jays and early in the game hit a double to drive in a couple of runs, but later in the game struck out twice when the go ahead runs were on the bases! Remember when we saw him play in Chicago?

There were lots of Yankees fans in the stands so it was great that the Yankees won 5-4. It was a good game. 

Our drive home was cruising right along until we got to the bridge to the USA and then it took us 53 minutes to get through customs. 

Time to go. We had a great 30th Anniversary weekend!

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