Friday, August 10, 2007

Golf Again!

Before I give the golf report, let me update you about yesterday's happenings. I got my filling repaired and guess what time my appointment was with the dentist - 2:30 (tooth hurty!! get it??) - ha ha ha! After it was repaired I had to avoid chewing on the side where the filling was replaced-not so easy to do-you have to think the whole time you are eating!

Last night I went to Lock 32 because Corey wanted some photos of him kayaking. The picture featured here is of him playing in one of the holes on the whitewater course. It was fun to watch him because I haven't seen him kayak in whitewater for a year and he has gotten so good! He does this front flip thing (I cannot remember what he calls it) but it is very impressive. I took about 100 photos and a few short videos on my new subcompact digital camera.

And now, the golf report. We (Sherri, Jan and I) went to Cardinal Creek which is farther west on 104 than Twin Hills. The greens fees were less, but so was the quality of the course. I think I played better today than last week, but it is hard to compare scores from one course to another. I had no swings and misses and was hitting my 3 iron much better. That will probably be it for golf for the rest of the summer because other things are on the calendar. It has been fun though.

Tonight we are going to attempt to record Corey's graduation ceremony from a cable channel on TV at Mom's and Dad's house. Corey is going to try to set it up so that we can record it onto our digital video camera. That will allow us to download it to our computer. I hope it all works because I really want to have a video clip of Corey's duet at graduation. 
I went to the downtown library this afternoon and borrowed some Turkish language CD's to try to learn some Turkish phrases. This past June 2 new families started at Longridge School and the children spoke no English. Through an interpreter, we learned that there may be 6 more families coming to Greece (specifically the Longridge neighborhood) so that the adults in the family can work at the Hickey-Freeman shop. I think it will be a good challenge to learn a few basic words in Turkish! Things like, "Get in line" and "Stop talking" may be a bit advanced, but "Hello, "Goodbye" and "Thank you" might be manageable. 

Corey is going to the family cabin of his friend Mike G. for the night. 

We are looking forward to seeing Bob and Joanie here tomorrow. I am making BBQ ribs for dinner for them. 

Next post will give you the correct response for the question about Corey's sheets.


Carl said...

Marji: Loved your Fri blog. It brought us up to date on the Robinson's activities. We're you able to record Corey's Grad. Mom says she will write you an e-mail. Love, Dad.

PA Osters said...

I didnt know u played golf