Sunday, August 12, 2007

Oster Visit

We had a whirl wind visit with Bob and Joanie, cramming a variety of activities into their time with us. After they did their errands to Sam's and Shermie's they came to our house for dinner. We showed them our Idaho and Iceland photos (at their request) before our BBQ ribs dinner. Corey came home from Mike's cabin and brought Mike with him so we were 6 around the dinner table. After eating too many ribs we all went out to Lock 32 to watch Corey and Mike play in the whitewater. While we were there, we could see a couple of boats moving through the lock, so Bob, Joanie, and I walked over to the Lock and watched a tour boat out of Fairport, the Colonial Belle, move through the lock.  When we all returned to Apollo Drive, we watched the recording of Corey's graduation (not the whole thing, only the good parts). Then we watched the DVD of a recent vocal concert of Bob's. It was amazing - 900 kids from elementary school through high school! Bob ordered and picked up a Ponty's and then they headed back to Briar Wood Lane, hoping to get an early start back to Michigan in the morning. It was good to see them.

Today I had to go to church for a bell choir rehearsal, right after worship. The choir is playing tomorrow night at a memorial service for one of our former members. It was good to see my fellow ringers again.

I spent the afternoon riding my bike to and from Brockport for their canal festival, 31 miles round trip. It was a good ride. although it was hot.

Maw and Porge will be here for dinner tonight.

Corey went to Watertown to kayak with some friends and should be home shortly.

For those of you who care, Corey selected Finding Nemo sheets for his dorm room!

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