Friday, August 17, 2007

Project Finished!

Lots of quality knitting time last night and the result was a completed knitting project! I love the top and it fits!! Now I just need the temperature to return to the 80's so I can wear it.

Corey had a good group here for a campfire last night. The group consisted of friends from Odyssey and some running friends from  around the state. As I sat knitting in the living room, I heard lots of laughing and music. A couple of guitars and a banjo made the rounds of the many musicians in the group. It is nice to know that singing around a campfire is still a cool thing to do. They were all on their way home by midnight and this morning's daylight reveals that Corey only has minimal clean-up today.

This morning Corey went running at Mendon Ponds Park with some of the friends that were here last night and then re-fueled at Tahoe's (or more correctly, "Steve T.'s"). Mary Kate came back to our house afterwards and now Corey has her helping to clean up the backyard and "the rig". I'm hoping she has higher standards for "clean" than Corey has!

I went out to Eastview Mall this morning and found some good deals at Coldwater Creek and was able to use my coupons. I bought 4 "trial" glasses at Williams and Sonoma to see if they are what we want for everyday drinking glasses. I have found it difficult to find a set of glasses, in the sizes we seem to need or want, and in a design and price that I like. These may fit the bill. I'll keep you posted on the glasses situation in this blog (I know, you can hardly wait!). I also bought one other item, but I am going to wait and see how long it takes either Corey or Jim to notice it. This will at least get them looking!

Tomorrow we are off to SU-Corey is very ready! 

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Elizabeth said...

Good luck with the big move! It sounds like you are ready.

Marji, the sweater looks great!