Thursday, August 16, 2007

College Countdown

I guess we are starting to count down in hours, not days, until we take Corey to Syracuse. We continue to accumulate stuff for Corey's room. At dinner with Maw and Porge on Sunday night, Corey mentioned that he would like to have an old bike for getting around campus. Porge had one to donate and we picked it up yesterday. Jim will need to do a bit of clean-up work on it, but it should be good to go. Corey will have a back-up bike as GrandDad also has a bike he could use. Thanks for the offer! 

Today we opened a checking account at M & T bank for Corey so he can have access to cash. M & T has an ATM on campus, so it should be fairly convenient for him. Whatever happened to the days when you'd get a free toaster when you opened a checking account? Not that we need a toaster, but it was a nice gesture. After the bank, we went to Penny's where Corey found 2 pair of pants that fit and met his criteria and 2 throw rugs (with fringe, fringe was a bonus he liked).

Corey is having some friends over tonight for a campfire. The weather looks like it is going to cooperate, the thunderstorms seem to be tracking south of Rochester. 

I am getting close to finishing my knit tank top. I think the temperatures are supposed to drop some in the next few days, but hopefully it will get hot again so I can wear it and not freeze. I will put a photo of me modeling my latest project as soon as I finish it. 

A couple of days ago I had the great idea that it might be fun if Jim and I found a nice B & B to go to on Saturday after we drop off Corey. Well, it would have been a great idea if I had thought of it a couple of months ago, now it is just a frustrating idea. I think I have called at least a dozen nice places and every one is booked solid for that night. I'm really not surprised, just disappointed. I told Jim that if we come back to Rochester, we need to go out to dinner and then to breakfast on Sunday morning because if we were at a B&B we'd get a nice breakfast! 


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