Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Blog Minutiae

Here I go with Jim's biggest blog fear-minutiae-those trivial, day-to-day happenings. Oh well, everyday cannot be spent with the Yankees! 

Today Corey and I went shopping for things he will need in his dorm room. He wanted to go shopping for a backpack-type case for his new computer. I saw this as an opportunity to get him involved in the decisions about towels, sheet and pillows. Our first stop was at EMS. Corey saw an ad from EMS featuring a computer backpack that looked good to him. We bought it, and it does seem like a good choice. From there we went to Bon Ton, Macy's, Penny's and Sears to look for above mentioned dorm room items. I'm glad I had him select the stuff because it turns out that he did have some ideas about what he wanted. Please take the poll at the upper left side of this blog to see how well you know Corey! I'll let you know what the answer is when the polling time is up (this Friday at 10 PM). 

While chewing gum tonight, I pulled out part of a filling on a back tooth. I will have to call Dr. Mesolella in the morning and see how soon he can see me. Fortunately, there is no pain associated with the missing filling, but then again, I haven't had anything hot or cold in my mouth to test its sensitivity. 

The squirrels have been working overtime in our backyard and the grass was covered with lots of small twigs and branches. Jim and I got that cleaned up tonight. 

That's all for the past 2 lazy summer days. I have been doing a fair amount of knitting, which is delightful!

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coreyrob said...

This is pitiful.

Cannot believe the minutiae in this entry.