Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sunday Summary

Jeannie has been in town through this weekend to help Grandma and Grandpa settle into their new home after the move on Thursday. It has been fun to spend some time with her.

On Friday I went into school for the first time this summer. I was greeted by 3 big boxes of new equipment stacked on my desk. I had been expecting this and figured I'd spend an hour or two opening and putting away that new stuff. It was good to see some other staff people and hear about their summers. 

I had to be home from school on Friday by 1 PM because a photographer from the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle was coming to our house to take a photo of me and my spinning wheel. This was a follow-up to the journalist from the paper who did an interview with me on Wednesday. The paper wanted to do an article for the Our Towns section on someone who was going to the State Fair to do something specific. Through a series of people who knew that I was going to the State Fair to be a volunteer spinner in the Wool Building, my name was given to the writer and he called and interviewed me on Tuesday. The next day he came to our house to ask some more questions and to see me in action. And now the photographer has been here and took lots of pictures. I am spinning at the Fair on Sunday, Aug. 30th and the article is supposed to be in the paper on Sept. 2nd. I will put a link to the article in the blog if it happens. I am looking forward to my time at the Fair, and am hoping that I can answer any questions that people may have. 

Friday night, Jim, Jeannie, Grandma and I went to the movies to see "Julie and Julia." This movie features 2 parellel stories, one about Julia Child and the other about a young women who write a blog about cooking her way through Julia's book, Mastering the Art of French Cooking. The movie was excellent~ we all laughed out loud many times.

Saturday was a work around the house day. Jim scraped and primed some of the trim on the house. I pulled weeds and trimmed bushes. I also made a blueberry cobbler. We went out to dinner, at Lento's, with Bob, Sally and Jeannie. We had a good meal at this restaurant that features local, organic, sustainable food. We came back to our house after dinner for a cobbler dessert.

Today we went to church and then did more household chores. I spent about 2 hours filing papers and cleaning out one of our filing cabinets. Not real exciting work, but a chore that I am glad to have done. Jeannie wanted a Ponty's pizza, so she ordered one and brought it over here to share with us. Later, we introduced her to Lugia's Ice Cream!
Jeannie drives back to Tennesse tomorrow and we will miss her. She made the move for Grandma and Grandpa go so smoothly and because she stayed in the new apartment for a few days, was able to help her parents settle into their new surroundings. We are very appreciative of all she did. Thanks Jeannie!

This is the last full week of summer vacation for me. I may try to can some peaches. They are soooo delicious this year. 

Happy Birthday to my brother, Bob! Hope you had a great day!

Hope all is well.


jdgrivetti said...

Made it home safe and sound last night close to 10. It took almost 14 hours for 836 miles. Needless to say I did not stop much.

Amy said...

Hey Marge...glad you got all that PE equipment put away. Now I can put my feet up and relax next Tuesday, right? : )
Way to go with the spinning interview! How fun. Can't wait to see the paper on Sept 2nd!