Monday, August 24, 2009


Today I canned peaches! I haven't done this for, as Jim put it, a couple of decades, at least! I bought a peck of peaches at the Farmer's Market on Saturday, thinking I might try to can them. They were smelling really ripe this morning, so it was time to find the canning pot and supplies. After a little bit of digging the pot turned up in the back, bottom corner of the sport's closet and lots of canning jars were in the cupboards under the stairs to the basement. I just needed to buy some new sealing lids because the rubber seal part had dried out on the ones I had. 

I did some internet research for tips and procedures for safe canning of peaches and then I jumped right in.

Here are the peaches from the peck basket that I bought (minus 3 that were really bad near the bottom of the basket).
I collected all my supplies.
And started peeling and slicing peaches. The woman at the stand where I bought the peaches told me that these were free-stone peaches, but they were not. I had intended to only cut the peaches in half before putting them in jars, but because they were not free-stone, I had to slice them up. Here  is a photo of my first 7 pint jars in the canning pot.
And here is the finished product~12 pints and 2 quarts! I hope they are delicious!

And now a photo not related to canning. The sun was coming into the kitchen windows early this morning and I liked the way the shadow of the screen was on the petals of the flowers.
Hope all is well.

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Amy said...

I'll take a pint of those please...they look delish!
What don't you do Marge?..teacher, writer, spinner, knitter, yoga-er, paddler, biker, peppermint candy maker, grape pie baker, peach-canner...I could keep going for a while.