Friday, August 28, 2009

August 28, 2009

Sometimes the hardest part of putting together a post for this blog is coming up with a title. I guess I am a little desperate~I went with the date!

You may remember that while traveling to Idaho,  Sweden and Finland I was knitting on a pair of socks. I finished them very shortly after getting back from Scandinavia, and keep forgetting to show you. So here are 2 photos. For all you knitters, they were knit from the toe-up with a gusset heel. The lace pattern was easy to memorize so I didn't need look at the pattern except when I was turning the heel. Instead of knitting with 5 dpns, I used 2-24" circulars. It worked well, and I never dropped a needle! The yarn is a Lorna's Laces yarn, in very light pastels of pink, yellow and white. I am very pleased with them.

You may notice in the first photo that there is an antennae on the floor behind my feet. We got this antennae to be ready for the TV switch to digital. Unfortunately we seem to be in a black hole for TV reception. Sometimes we can get some of the network channels, and others are always a struggle. Channel 8 is one we mostly do not get. I am feeling really lucky because the Yankees are playing on Channel 13 tonight and I was able to find the "sweet spot" for the antennae so I can watch the game. It can be very frustrating at times (that is, both the Yankees and our TV reception). Anyone else out there with worse reception since the digital switch? I know that there is a solution to this reception problem, but Jim is not ready to pay for TV yet!

Speaking of Jim, he is in the Thousand Islands this weekend with a couple of his runner friends for a weekend of fishing, running, drinking beer and telling lies! I hope he has a good time!

On his way to the islands, Jim stopped in Syracuse to see Corey and to deliver some homemade canned peaches. Corey and his roommate, Brocks, bought a ping-pong table for their apartment so Jim played a couple of games before continuing his journey. Sounds like it was fun!

I've been into school a few times this week and am making good progress towards the first day of school. The custodians stripped and re-sealed my gym floor and it looks amazing. It is so shiny that it looks wet! I may try to take a photo of it, but it may be too shiny!

Tomorrow is another "Peaches" day. I bought another peck of peaches at the Farmer's Market yesterday and after laying out on our basement floor for 48 hours, I think they will be just right for canning tomorrow.

I've got a quick knitting project that I have almost finished. It is a hat for me that has 3 rounds of knitted piping in it and when completed, I will pleat up one side, pushing the piping rows together and attaching a decorative button. It is cute. The main color of the hat is brown with orange piping and this will be my hat to wear to the RIT hockey games as orange and brown are their school colors. Using the rest of the orange yarn, I may make another hat with the main color being blue, so I can wear this hat to SU games! I'll show you a photo when the first hat is all done.

On Sunday I will be going to the New York State Fair in Syracuse to be a volunteer in the Wool Building. I will be demonstrating how to spin yarn. Sally will be coming along with me and I am looking forward to this chance to spin. I'm just hoping that I can answer any questions that people may ask. 

I guess that is all for now.

Hope all is well. 

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