Thursday, August 20, 2009

Moving Day!

Today was the day that Grandma and Grandpa moved from their home of almost 60 years to a senior living apartment. Their house was sold in record time.

Things were packed up until the cupboard was bare!

The "Welcome' sign was hanging on their new front door.

Here are a few photos from inside their new apartment.To take this photo I am standing in the corner of the living room. Jim is opening the door to the screened-in porch and the den area is straight-away in the photo.

I am now standing in the corner of the den looking back across the living room where I was standing for the previous picture. Jim is looking through the cut out from the kitchen.

And here is a picture of the kitchen. The bathroom and bedroom are behind me.

Grandpa got settled on the porch and he and Milo kept watch for the arrival of the moving truck. 

And as they unloaded the truck, Grandpa announced what was coming off, so we could be ready to direct the movers for the correct placement of the item. The system worked well.

By lunchtime the movers were gone and all the furniture was in place. We sat down for a quick lunch provided by the owners of the apartment complex. 
The next few hours were spent unpacking and putting away the contents of the many boxes. As of 7 PM tonight, Grandma and Grandpa seem to be all moved in. I'm sure that they will need to re-arrange things as they figure out the best placement for all of their stuff. Milo, the cat, was a bit unsettled for the first few hours in his new home, but seems to have adjusted.

So, if you want Grandma and Grandpa's new address, leave me a comment requesting it or e-mail me and I will pass it on to you. The new place is very nice and we are all sure that they will be happy that they made the move. 

A couple of other things have happened since we've come home from Scandanavia. Our sleeping patterns are returning to more normal, which is most welcomed! I took Corey back to SU yesterday, but not before we went to breakfast at Jine's on Park Ave. It was a lovely morning so we ate outside. Ever been to Jine's? I never had, but apparently it has been there for a long time and they have a very nice breakfast menu. They also serve lunch and dinner. I'd go back.

Before Corey went back, we made our annual trip to Lugia's for yummy ice-cream cones.
So that is what has been happening here. What's happening in your part of the world?

Hope all is well.

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