Saturday, September 13, 2008

To Penn State and Back

Lots of driving in the last 26 hours, but I had a good trip to Penn State.

Corey was disappointed with his race, but I was not disappointed that I had made the trip to see him run. It makes me very proud of him to see him running in his Syracuse uniform and to be part of such a nice group of young men. This photo was taken near the finish line and Corey ended up passing the guy in the blue uniform at the edge of the photo, just before they crossed the line.

I left Williamsport in the fog at 7 AM and arrived at the course around 8:20. I must have a really old Pennsylvania map because some of the roads I planned to take had different route numbers and other roads were improved to expressways since my map was published , but I followed my nose and got to the Penn State golf course where the meet was held with time to spare and to get a hug from Corey before he went to the starting line.

I got to meet several parents of other Syracuse XC runners, which added to my enjoyment of the day. Some folks came from as far away as the southwest corner of Virginia. One of Corey's apartment-mates is from Hyde Park, NY, so I had something to talk to his parents about since I spent a couple of days there during my Albany to NYC bike ride in August. 

One of my colleagues is a Penn State alumni and she recommended a restaurant in State College so I went there for lunch before heading home. I got off of I-390 at the Naples exit and went through that town where I was able to buy some freshly picked grapes. I saw a sign advertising "Pick Your Own Grapes" about a mile and a half off my route, and I would have gone and done that except that it was raining pretty good at that point.  So I have a peck and a quart of beautiful Concord grapes in the basement waiting for Grandma and me to squeeze each and every one tomorrow. I took a grape pie to Corey and he seemed happy to have that!

Last night I finished the knitting part of the baby blanket. Tonight I hope to sew up the mitre corners of the border and weave in all the ends. Then I will take a photo and get it ready to mail off to the baby.

I paid $3.59/gallon for gas at 2 different stations in PA, that is about 20 cents cheaper than around here.

If you e-mail us and it gets returned to you, it may be because our mailbox is getting full and I don't know how to clean it out. The one thing I tried obviously didn't do the job because I got my Full Mailbox message from Frontier again this morning. Jim will have to fix it when he gets home, or calls me and tells me how to do it.

Hope all is well.

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jeannie said...

Gas here in Knoxville is now $4.99 per gallon for regular unleaded, if they have any at all. Our gas last week was $3.69. They say that all our gas comes from the New Orleans, Houston area, so they have not had any deliveries due to Gustov and Ike. Maybe by the end of this week it will go down...sure hope so.