Friday, March 21, 2008

Mad About Madness

I love March Madness! Even though I am terrible at picking the winners, I love all the games. There have already been some games that were closer than they should have been and a couple of upsets. I love the pace of the game and the great plays that each game provides for the highlight reel. I love the "thrill of victory and the agony of defeat!" Because of it being Good Friday, I had the day off from school and was able to tune in to the games that started at 12:30 PM today.

I got my run-around errands done this morning and by 12:15 had my spinning wheel positioned in front of the TV so I could spin as I watched the b-ball action. I got the first half of my merino/silk roving spun and will get started on the second half tomorrow. I love this roving, it is so smooth to spin compared to the 4 other rovings that I have spun. 
Jim made it home right on schedule last night. I was at church when he arrived home because my bell choir was ringing at the Maundy Thursday service. He turned in pretty early because crossing all those time zones is exhausting-I stayed up to watch-you guessed it-basketball!

Yesterday at school I dazzled my kindergartners with my rope climbing skills as I climbed about 20 feet up the rope. It is kind of funny to be high up on the rope and look down at 23 sets of eyes, as big as saucers, looking up at you in amazement! Now today my triceps are a bit sore from all the climbing I did yesterday. By tomorrow I probably won't be able to lift my arms! But I did it and that is the challenge every year!

My student teacher visited school yesterday to get a lay of the land and an idea of what my schedule is like. She seems like a pleasant person and is very excited to come to an elementary school. She is currently at a high school. She will start with me next Wednesday.

The town crew took Good Friday off so things were quiet in our yard today. 

Tucker called tonight while we were out to dinner (Ricci's) and apparently we didn't hear my cell phone ring. Even with the ring tone volume up as high as it goes, I rarely hear my phone ring if it is in my purse. We are more likely to hear the beep that tells me I have a message rather than the actual phone ringing.
Here is a photo of a scarf I made because I liked the pattern and it gave me a chance to learn about using 2 balls of yarn and carrying one up the side as I used the other. I am pleased with how it turned out, but don't plan on keeping it for me. If you think you would love this scarf, let me know, and I will "gift" it to you.
I am also including this next "artsy" photo for 2 reasons. First, it is an updated photo of my Pi shawl. It has gotten big enough to put on a circular needle which is easier to knit with than the double pointed needles. The second reason is that I will visually share my beautiful tulips that I bought at Sam's Club today. We are having Easter dinner here on Sunday and they will be a lovely centerpiece (the flowers, not the yarn). 
I have been knitting on my Pi shawl for awhile tonight and stopped to do this blog because I discovered that I have 146 stitches instead of 144. I've messed up somewhere. I will try to figure out where my mistake is, but I am not too good at that. I don't have enough knitting experience, especially with lace, to recognize my mistakes and then know what to do to correct them. Ripping out is not an option, yet. 

We don't have much planned at all for tomorrow, except for basketball, and we will probably go to the club to work-out. We each had so much leftover from dinner tonight that the extras will be dinner tomorrow. 

Back to the games.

Hoop all is well.

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