Sunday, March 16, 2008

End of a Good Weekend

Weekend's just seem to fly by, but it was a good weekend so that's what counts. 

This morning we went to church to hear the new preacher and we came away with a sense of optimism for our church. The new minister' sermon was relevant, timely, and inspiring. It felt good to back at church.

Jim flew to Newark this afternoon on his way to France. He was supposed to catch the 4:50 PM flight to Newark but by 1:30 that flight had been delayed by more than 2 hours, which jeopardized his ability to catch the international flight. He had me take him to the airport early so he could try to get on the 2:30 flight to Newark, which was also delayed, but gave him more time to play with either in Rochester or Newark. He did get on that flight and called from Newark to say that he was good-to-go for the flight to France. He gets home on Thursday night. 

I spent a couple hours this afternoon spinning the roving I got in San Diego. It is a blend of merino wool and silk and has a lovely combination of blues, purples, and a bit of white. It is a joy to spin and my time at the wheel was very rewarding. Here is picture of the bobbin of yarn that I spun this afternoon, with a piece of the roving draped over the flyer (spinner lingo). I spun up less than a quarter of the roving, so I have many more hours of enjoyment with this roving.
Did anyone see Tiger Woods win that golf tournament today? That guy is amazing! Watching him drain that 24 foot putt to win is why I love sports! And now I get to get caught up in the NCAA basketball tournament. I hope a friend at school will run a bracket pool again. Trying to guess the winners of each game adds to the excitement of the games.
Have you tried Hershey's new Lemon Creme Kisses? At least they are new to me. I saw them while reading the Target ad this morning and checked for them at Wegmans, but they did not carry those Kisses. I had to go to Target to get them and they are yummy! If you see them, pick up a bag and then try to use your self-control! 

Short school week this week-we get Good Friday off. 

Hope all is well.

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Liz said...

Tiger's finish on Sunday was awesome. I agree, he is a perfect example of why sports are so much fun to watch!