Monday, March 17, 2008

The Big Dig

The digging has started! I came home to discover the ditch digger had moved from my neighbor's front yard into my backyard.  A trench had been dug from our property line in the northwest corner out about 20 feet. The work crew had quit by the time I got home at 4:45 PM. I am a bit concerned about the mess that will result when all the snow on the ground melts tomorrow and the rain moves in for a couple of days. Oh well, the town has promised us that they do a good job with landscaping after a job.
Jim called me from France tonight and it was 11 PM over there and he was functioning on about 2 hours of sleep since our Saturday night. He hoped he hadn't dosed off during a couple of powerpoint presentations today!

I spent a hour tonight filling out my NCAA basketball bracket sheets. I will enter 2 different pools so I chose 2 different teams to win the whole thing. Having a couple bucks riding on the games makes it more exciting!

Dancing with the Stars starts up again tonight. Finally, something good to watch on Monday nights.
Time to knit.

Hope all is well.

P.S. If there is an abundance of typos or sentences that don't make sense, it is because my proof-reader is out of the country!

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