Wednesday, March 19, 2008

More Mess

Check out the latest developments in our yard! This morning I met with the town engineer and two of the guys who are actually doing the work in the yard. One of the guys told me this job was the wettest job he'd ever done because he hit ground water after digging only one foot into the ground. The yard looks like a bomb exploded here  and will look this way until later in the spring when the yard dries out and firms up so the landscaping crew can come in to do their work. If you are in the area, drive by and let me know what you think!

Jim called tonight and was looking forward to getting home. He and his colleague will drive to Frankfort for their flight to Newark. Then hopefully his flight from Newark to Rochester will go as scheduled. I have to ring bells at the Maundy Thursday service at church so Jim will take a cab home, if he gets here when he is supposed to. 

Talked to Corey last night and he has been working hard at his school work and his running work. He says he is feeling somewhat better and was pleased with how he ran at a hard workout on Monday. Congratulations to SU on their win in the NIT tournament. 

Tomorrow is the first day of Spring and it is a day of hope. Even if the weatherman cannot bring us Spring-like weather, I know that we have moved closer to warmer weather. Soon our crocuses will be pushing their noses up to brighten up our greenish-brown lawns. Happy Spring!

Hope all is well. 

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