Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter

Happy Easter! We had a beautiful sunny day here, too bad it was 30 degrees! The sun was wonderful, and we have now had 3 consecutive sunny days! The cold temps have solidified the mud mess in our yard, so we can get a serious look into the trench without fearing a fall into the muddy abyss. 

Our Easter church service was very uplifting. There was a brass quartet that played with the organ and we sang great Easter hymns. The new minister gave a great sermon and there were lots of people in the pews. I did have a few moments of melancholy, as I looked around and saw many families, with their grown children with them for the Easter holiday and I missed my boys more than usual. Many people asked about T & C and I was able to tell them that both guys are doing well, which lifted my spirits. 
We have had 2 blog-worthy events around here in the past couple of days and I completely forgot to take some photos! Oh, well you will just have to put your visual skills to work. Today we hosted Easter dinner with both sets of grandparents and Bob and Sally. It was a pretty easy dinner for me since I just heated up a ham and made a fresh veggie tray. Gram brought mac salad, Sally brought 2 cooked vegetables, and Grandma brought an apple pie. It was all wonderful. I thought my table looked very nice, considering I do not have a Martha Stewart touch. I got a new white tablecloth that has some pastel flowers embroidered around the edge and in the middle. The tulips I bought at Sam's on Friday were still beautiful and I sprinkled some jelly beans around on top of the table and it all looked rather festive. Guests ate the jelly beans as the mood struck!

The second major event was yesterday that we pulled out the refrigerator and stove and I cleaned behind these appliances! There were papers dated from the year 2000 behind the refrigerator! It was a very rewarding cleaning job because there was a dramatic difference between what should have been before and after photos! My goal is to try to do that job again in less than 8 years. Now how will I remember that? 

This has been a weekend of basketball and spinning. I am doing terrible in the 2 brackets that I entered, but none the less, I love watching the games. Today there were some incredible finishes and a couple of upsets. I guess the games will resume next weekend, so the athletes and I can get back to thinking about school. On the spinning front, I finished spinning the merino/silk roving and now will have to ply the 2 singles. I did ply the last of my Icelandic yarn, using a technique that I learned at my spinning class. I tell you, there is so much to learn with this spinning stuff!

We talked to Corey yesterday and he was excited about his track meet in Raleigh, NC next weekend. His former high school track coach is now living there so they will get to see each other. 

Zach, Jim, and Maryanne called here tonight and things are well with them. Zach is getting along with his broken arm and Jim likes his new job. Thanks for calling!

Word in the blog world is that the second Rockin' Sock Club packages have been mailed out. Some knitters here in upstate New York have already received theirs. I'm hoping I get mine in tomorrow's mail. There are "spoiler" photos on some of the blogs but I am not looking at them because I like the anticipation and surprise that comes with opening a package. I'll post a photo when I get my new yarn (if I remember to get my camera out!).

Tomorrow is a school day-time to go to bed.

Hope all is well.

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