Friday, March 28, 2008


Friday night at home, watching basketball and knitting. Life is good-even if my Wisconsin team is getting crushed by that Cinderella team, Davidson. It is hard not to root for an underdog like Davidson, except it really messes up my bracket.

Today was a professional development day for the whole school district and the PE staff got together and each teacher presented a lesson to their colleagues. Here is a photo that my student teacher took of me doing my lesson (I'm the one on the right).
It went over very well. The last hour of the day included a tour of the new district fitness facility and the option of taking a fitness class. I took the spinning class (think bicycle, not yarn). It was a great work-out and I learned that I can be working a lot harder on my bike in the basement!

Corey went with the SU team to Raleigh for a track meet and had another disappointing race. He is going to talk to his coach about helping to figure out why he is in this slump and we are going to call his doctor to see if there are any other medical tests that Corey should have. Corey's sore throat has returned and he continues to be at a very low energy level. 

Tucker called tonight to wish me a Happy Birthday. Coincidently, the gift he had sent from Amazon arrived today. He ordered me a book about the  history of knitting in America. I have done one good look-through of the book and noticed a pattern of Soldier's Wristlets which looked surprisingly like the fingerless gloves I made for him for Christmas. I also noticed the many photos of young boys knitting, as part of their schooling. It is a good book, and I'm sure I will learn many interesting facts. Thanks Tuck!

The yard work continued today, with the town crew digging up the road to continue the new storm sewer to the other side of the street to a storm drain. We got 3 inches of heavy wet snow last night so the mud and chewed up yard were all covered in a pretty blanket of snow this morning.

Last night was the first night of rowing for 2008 and let me tell you there is nothing like rowing in March in Rochester. The rain sprinkles started just as I arrived at the boathouse and settled into a steady rain as we carried the boat down to the dock. Combine that with 35ยบ and it makes for almost unpleasant rowing. The snow started just as we came back into sight of the boathouse. When I was rowing I was just able to stay warm, but when it was my turn to not row and balance the boat, (we row by 6's instead of 8's when there are new people in the boat), I was freezing! I called Jim when I got back to the car and I could hardly talk to him because I was shivering so much. It has to be warmer in April!!! I do love to row, no matter what the weather though.

Hope all is well.

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