Sunday, March 30, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me!

A beautiful day for a 50-something birthday! Whenever I have a sunny day on my birthday, I think of it as gift from Mother Nature. Both Tucker and Corey called to send along birthday greetings and  it is always good to talk to them. Gram and GrandDad had us over for a birthday dinner and Gram made a strawberry whip pie for dessert and it was yummy!
Tucker sent some photos to us from his recent backpacking trip. Here is one from somewhere on Comb Ridge, Utah.
Yesterday, before the basketball started, we went to the Maple Grove Farm in Holley, NY to see what they were doing for Maple Weekend. The maple syrup producers in NYS got together and organized a weekend celebrating the flow of sap from the Maple trees and have been advertising about Maple Weekend on the radio. They have a website which lists the participating sugaring spots, so I chose one not too far from home. We drove west to the Maple Grove Farm and got a tour of their sugar house and read the interesting history of this farm. The Boy Scouts were doing a pancake breakfast (we did not indulge), and there were maple products for sale (we did indulge). It was a great day to be outside and we enjoyed our short walk through the woods to get to the sugar house. 
Last night we went out to dinner with Karen and Bob, who were Odyssey parents, and people we got to know real well through our kids, cross-country, and musicals. We spent 2 hours at Davinci's catching up with each other's family. 

Did some spinning yesterday and a fair amount of knitting. More on that another day.

Did you watch the Davidson vs. Kansas game? It was soooo exciting! I was rooting for Davidson, and they almost pulled it off. Now I have to root for UNC, because they are the guys that I have winning it all. Basketball resumes on Saturday.

Hope all is well 

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Pat said...

Happy Day After! It was a great ending to that game and we were hoping that Davidson would pull it out but no such luck. Pat Connor