Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Trivial Tuesday

Not too much to report, but now that I look at the title of this entry, anyone I mention, may think that they're trivial. Nothing could be further from the truth. I just don't think any of this news (if I can even call it that) is earth-shattering. So here goes....

Corey called to report that his latest blood work all came back negative. Once again that is a good news, bad news situation. It is good that he doesn't have mono, but bad that we still don't know what is causing his weeks old sore throat and overwhelming fatigue. He is taking a week off from running to see what that does for him. 

He did send me a really funny birthday card, which is a bit insulting to Tucker. Tucker, I will share it with you when you call sometime!

Thanks to all the people who left comments or e-mailed me or sent cards with birthday greetings. I had a great birthday.

I guess since it is April Fool's Day, I should have started this post with some outrageous statement that would have made you say, "What the heck?" But I didn't. I didn't even get many little kids doing stupid April Fools jokes to me. There always seems to be an abundance of kids who try to tell me my shoe is untied or that there is a spider on me, but today I only met up with 2 joksters! What's happening to today's kids? 

I was going to do a double-header tonight, going first to Yoga class and then to rowing, but just before I left for Yoga I got an e-mail from our coach canceling rowing because of really high winds. So I did Yoga and then did the rowing machine at the gym. 

Our high temps, 60ยบ, are being blown away with wind gusts up to 40 mph. Tomorrow the temps go back to the 40's.

Jim is in Toronto this week for a big J&J sales meeting. He is working long hours, 8 AM until 10 PM each day and has told me that he is not crazy about these marketing and sales get-togethers. He is truly more of an R & D kinda guy. His biggest concern is finding time to get his daily run in. 

Here is a photo of a dishcloth that I knit in less than 24 hours. It is a gift for a friend who is hosting us at their house on our Maryland trip. I like the pattern and may make one for me.
When the wind is blowing like it is right now, FOX channel our TV comes in very poorly, with the audio breaking up with static. I hope to be able to watch American Idol, but the sound may drive me nuts. Maybe David Archuletta will sing early in the program and then I can turn it off. 

That's all.

Hope all is well.

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