Tuesday, March 25, 2008

A Little Bit of This. . .

The yard work continues. After not working for 4 days, the phantom crew (we've never actually seen them working) were at it again today and have progressed to the road. There are still a lot of pipes and cement connectors in our yard and across the street, so we're not sure how far the town is planning on digging. Jim stood on top of the garage roof to take this photo to show the extent of the mess in our backyard. 
Tucker called last night and reported that he had a great 3 days of backpacking with perfect weather. It was good to hear from him.

Brother Bob sent this photo of him and Megan and Andrew in the hot tub during the most recent snow storm in Michigan. I guess it has been forever since I have seen those 2 kids! I would recognize them as Amy and Rocky's children, but they are so grown up! Thanks for sharing the pictures!
Yesterday my newest shipment of Rockin' Sock Club yarn arrived with a new sock pattern. The variegated green yarn is beautiful and soooo soft! There are several new things going on in the sock pattern so I will learn something as I knit this pair of socks. I am not going to start knitting them until I finish the second sock of the pair I started knitting on my way home from Iceland last summer. That project has been my "grab and go" project when I needed a fairly easy knit when I was going to be knitting somewhere where there was something else going on. I've just started turning the heel, so it shouldn't take me too long if I focus on it. I will definetly take my new sock project when we go to Maryland in April. So here is a photo of the latest lush yarn!
Today while eating my lunch, a piece of a tooth broke off! I wasn't even eating anything hard or crunchy. I immediately called my dentist and they had an opening at 3:15 this afternoon. I was in the dentist's chair for 9 minutes and in that time he fixed it right up. This tooth is in bad shape and may need to be capped if anymore breaks off. 

Tonight was yoga and we enjoyed our workout.

Tomorrow is a big day at school. My student teacher starts her time at Longridge and the whole school, all 860 kids and 90 staff are going to one of the high schools for a middle school production of Peter Pan. The kids are very excited because they have heard that Peter Pan actually flies! And it's true, the man that "flew" Cathy Rigby in her production of Peter Pan, is  flying the middle school kids. It should be great!

Hope all is well.

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Liz said...

I love the new sock yarn coloring!