Saturday, December 8, 2007

Frosty and Cookies

I had a Saturday that got me into the holiday spirit. I was at school early and enjoyed my time helping the students pick out gifts for their family members at the PTA Holiday Shop. The Holiday Shop was one of the activities families could do at the Breakfast with Frosty event. Of course there was breakfast, and a photo op with Frosty (see photo), and the Holiday Shop, but there was also a craft corner and a face painter decorating the kids' faces with snowflakes, snowmen, and Santas. The kids were all having a good time!Gram and I baked cookies for about 3 hours with a short break for lunch. We made all the usual favorites and we work like a well-oiled machine. GrandDad stopped over early in our cookie marathon and we sent him away, telling him to come back later and join us for lunch, which he did. Gram and I had the Christmas music going and it was a fun time and I now have all these cookies waiting for the boys to come home. 
Jim left me a message on my phone and I checked his race results on-line, so I can report that he and his team had a good day. Jim was the 5th Master's runner, out of a lot of runners, and his team of 50-55 year-olds took third place out of 13 teams. In his message, he said that he was quite pleased with his run and his team placing. I will be anxious to hear the details when he calls or gets home tomorrow night (which ever comes first!). 

I went for a nice run this afternoon and after a quick shower headed out to Marketplace Mall and the surrounding stores. After tallying up all my receipts, I think I returned more merchandise than I purchased-an unusual circumstance at this time of the year!

Tomorrow is the day I am going Christmas tree hunting with Gram and GrandDad. We'll go to Wilbert's Tree Farm and see what we can get. The weather is questionable for later in the day, so hopefully we'll have our outside work done before it moves in. Watch for a photo update in this blog.

Hope all is well. 

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