Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Wintery Wednesday

Here we are mid-week. I went back to school today, after trying to go to school yesterday and feeling so rotten during our staff meeting, that a sub was called for me so I could go home. I slept a lot yesterday and feel much better today. Good enough to tackle 3 of my kindergarten classes (not literally!). 

Both Tucker and Corey called tonight which was a nice treat. Tucker called just to check in and said that the weather in Utah and Arizona is making his work schedule a bit disjointed. He is hoping to go to Arizona at the end of the week for a 3 day job, but that may be weather dependent too. Corey called to see if we could pick him up on Friday, Dec. 14th. I think Jim and I will leave here late in the afternoon that day, drive to SU, and bring Corey home for the holidays. Corey thought that would be a great plan because it would have us at campus in time for dinner at his favorite mexican restaurant before we drive back to Rochester! Tucker will get home on the next day (in a perfect world!). 

My Christmas cactus is getting ready to bloom and it always brings me great joy when I see that once again, it is going to bloom for the holidays. This particular plant had a very trying time as a youngster. Many years ago, I was admiring a large Christmas cactus plant at the house of our friends, John and Ann, when they lived in Iowa. They told me that even I could make that plant grow and they broke off a couple of the leaves(?). I put those leaves in a zipper sandwich bag with a bit of water and then left it in the car while I rode by bike across the wonderful state of Iowa (a week-long ride). When I finally got home, I stuck the poor leaves in a glass of water until some roots started to grow, at which point I put it in a pot with some dirt. Sure enough, that little plant, grew one beautiful blossom that first year and it has been growing strong ever since, in spite of my feeble attempts to nurture it. I do not have a green thumb, only a love of pretty flowers. I am thrilled every winter, when this plant forgives my neglect and decides to send out those delicate pink flowers. So, if you are looking for a hardy indoor plant that will add a bit of color to your life during the winter months, I highly recommend a Christmas cactus. As a matter of fact, I would be happy to break off a piece of mine and pass on the joy because every time I look at those lovely flowers and realize how tough that plant is, it makes me think of my lovely and tough friends, John and Ann.

Tomorrow Jim and I are going to a work soiree with Jim's colleagues. On the invitation, the menu was described as "grazing stations and beverages", sounds like dinner to me! After that Jim needs to come home and pack because he needs to be at Eastview Mall before 7 AM on Friday, to go to his National XC race in Ohio. He and his teammates are all riding a big bus to Ohio, which sounds like a good time! Guess who gets to get up real early on Friday to take him to Eastview?

I finished another scarf for another one of my custodians. Two down, one to go. 

Today at school, I discovered that my school iPod was missing. It was on my music cart in my office when my sub left yesterday. The iPod was added to a list of things that were missing in the past 24 hours, including an envelope that was being passed among the staff to buy gifts and a meal for a few of our neediest families at school. That envelope had at least $200 in it. My 2 PE colleagues then noticed that the air compressor that we use to inflate basketballs was missing and a GPS unit on loan from another school was not in the desk drawer where it is usually stored. WE'VE BEEN ROBBED! We met with the principal and she was going to contact the head of district security, who would bring in the police on this one. We have some idea of who was in our building yesterday afternoon and evening, but no real leads. My school iPod is one that I was awarded last year in a technology grant. It is pretty identifiable because the back is engraved with the words Greece Central School District. Stay tuned-I'll let you know of any updates I get.

Time to go to bed.

Hope all is well.


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Elizabeth said...

Three things:

1. DC is a winter wonderland right now, and it is beautiful!

2. My Christmas cactus is also blooming right now!

3. Sorry to hear about the school robbery - I hope you catch the thief.