Friday, December 7, 2007


Friday's are great and we got the most out of this Friday by getting up at 5:30 and driving to Eastview Mall. A front-end loader moving snow in the mall parking lot nearly drove in front of us as I'm sure he never expected another vehicle to be driving around the mall parking lot at 6:45 AM! So Jim races tomorrow (don't remember what time), but think about him some time and send him some energy!

I had a great day at school. All my second grade classes are terrific groups of kids (for the most part) and they worked and played hard this morning. In the afternoon I have 2 first grade classes which can be challenging, but today we had more pluses than minuses so it was a good day all around. Here's a funny school story: a second grader came into the gym near the end of the day, to share his birthday treats with me. He had one very sad looking cupcake left on his tray and he was licking his gloved hand when he offered this cupcake. The frosting was half off the side and there was a fingerprint in the top of the cupcake. He then informed me that the cupcake only fell off the tray twice! Oh, they make me laugh. I have always accepted these birthday treats, and never eaten one! 

I talked to my nephew, Zach, today. His birthday was yesterday and I wanted to see how his special day went. When I first called he was outside making a snowman so I called back later and had a nice chat with him and my brother, Jim. It makes me happy to know that my 14 year old nephew still likes to make a snowman-he's a great kid! 

Last night Jim and I went to holiday party with his work group. Since he is new to this group, I didn't really know anybody (and he didn't know everybody), but we sat with 3 other delightful couples and laughed a lot. For dinner, there was a large table with a variety of hot and cold appetizers and later 2 pasta bars were set up. There was a chef at each one who would prepare the pasta combination that you wanted. The chef had 2 different kinds of pre-cooked pasta, 3 different sauces and a variety of mix-ins. He had 3 skillets going and he heated up whatever you wanted. It was delicious! So, we had a good evening, not getting home until 9 PM (on a school night!!!), and then Jim had to spend some time packing.

After school today, I got some Christmas shopping done. We have adopted a local family for Christmas through an ecumenical association and there are 6 people to shop for so I went to Target hoping to get lots of things there. I got less than I hoped, but am pleased with what I got. Two of the girls in the family asked for pullover, hooded sweatshirts and I thought they would be easy to find, but no, everything I saw had a zipper! I'll keep looking. 

Tomorrow Gram and I make Christmas cookies! Before we do that, I am going to school to help out at the PTA Holiday Shop. I will sell little kids mugs that say "Mom", screwdrivers that say "Dad", flashlights for uncles and photo albums for Grandmas! It is heartwarming to watch the kids carefully consider each gift and then pulled a few balled up dollars out of their pockets to pay.

Sandy sent me an e-mail photo of her Christmas cactus and it (or I should say, they) put my plant to shame! Her photo could be a Christmas card photo. And no, I am not going to share that photo with you because in the near future, I am going to make you look at my plant (it is my blog!). 

Time to go to bed. I want to be rested for the cookie marathon tomorrow!

Hope all is well.

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