Monday, October 22, 2007

Rhinebeck and SU

Sunday was one of those days in your life that you will long remember for the joy, the beauty and the freedom felt. After a dead-like sleep on Saturday night, I awoke to a glorious sunrise and got myself showered and packed up for my Sunday adventure. The weather could not have been better-those deep blue skies that remind me of western skies and temps that were perfectly pleasant. My drive from Lee, MA to Rhinebeck, NY was easy and relaxing.  After 20 miles on the Mass Turnpike and NYS Thruway, I exited onto the Taconic Parkway, heading south. I pretty much had the road to myself and was in awe of the fall colors in the early morning sun. The NYS Sheep and Wool Festival is held at the Dutchess County Fair Grounds in Rhinebeck, NY, about 50 miles south of Albany. 

My plan was to go to the Author's tent to get a few of my knitting books signed by the
authors. As I was walking towards the tent, I saw this woman walking in front of me and thought, "I know that sweater!" Sure enough, it was the woman whose autograph I wanted and she was wearing the sweater that she had knit and blogged about! Her name is Stephanie Pearl McPhee and she has written 4 books and writes a knitting blog. We chatted for a few minutes and then she signed the 2 books I brought along. Later, I returned to the Author's tent to  hear her presentation and laughed until I cried! She has a keen eye for finding humor in the knitting world. Her talk was a most enjoyable 45 minutes, but I think if you weren't a knitter, you would have not "gotten it." She just turned another manuscript into her publisher, so I look forward to her next book. 

I also got my Mason-Dixon knitting book signed by the authors. They too have a blog that I read regularly
 and it was fun to meet them and chat for a minute. 

I walked around the grounds looking at all the offerings of the various vendors. I was at the Festival on the second day and it was obvious that there were many less yarn choices after the first day frenzy. I was quite restrained in my  yarn purchasing. I only bought a skien of
 a blend of merino wool and Tencel in a deep shade of purple. It is lovely.

I got many compliments on my sweater and I saw many other beautiful hand-knits. It is inspiring. I peeled off my sweater for the ride home, because by 2 PM it was too hot for a wool sweater.  I've included a photo of a sheep just to give a full representation of the
 event! Now that I have attended the Festival on both a Saturday and a Sunday, I think in the future I would prefer to go on a Saturday so I can drool over all the varieties of yarn. 

The drive towards home was equally as breathtaking as the drive to Rhinebeck. I think one of my favorite stretches of road is Route 9G that goes north out of Rhinebeck . It parallels the Hudson River, although it is not right next to the river. The view to the west is spectacular as you look across the Hudson River valley and towards the mountains, especially when the mountains are in their full autumn color. 

I drove to Syracuse University where I met Corey and we went to the Armory Square
section of downtown Syracuse for dinner. What a treat to have a quick dinner with Corey and catch up with him in person! I got a tour of his room, which he has re-arranged since I last saw it 2 months ago and brought home a few things that he didn't need anymore. 

I arrived home at 9:05 PM and figured out that I drove 904 miles since I left school on
Friday. It was a great weekend. 

Jim arrived in Crewe, England after 2 uneventful flights to get there. He has a crazy work schedule while there, but will try to find a local  yarn store to get me some English wool. 

Pretty quiet around here. Hey, how about those Boston Red Socks! They sure know how to make a series exciting. 

Hope all is well.

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