Thursday, October 25, 2007

Thursday and a ball game

The end of the work week is in sight! 

Tonight I went to a knitting class with Grandma (see photo). There are 4 other women in the class and Tucker, you may be interested to know that one of the women is Lauren's mother, Mary Chris. So I spent another evening answering questions about you! Grandma and I are knitting the same style bag, but she is making a larger version of it. We got the base of the purse knit and started on the body of the bag. We have a bit of time before our next class to get to the next point where we will need direct instruction. It was a most enjoyable evening.

When I got home I once again missed phone calls from Jim and Tucker! Jim actually got done the testing they needed to get done earlier than hoped, so he was looking forward to getting some sleep before he goes to the airport in the morning. It will be good to have him home tomorrow. Tucker is off on a San Juan River trip for the weekend so maybe we will talk to him Sunday night. 

So the Red Sox whooped the Rockies last night, but right now the Rockies are up in tonight's game. There are 2 days left to vote for who you think will win the World Series. 

Continuing Jim's practice I hung the laundry outside this AM before going to school. It was all dry by the time I got home, but I did have to shake out the leaves from the clothes before I brought them in!

When I opened the refrigerator at breakfast this morning, a really nasty smell greeted me-what a way to wake up! When I got home, I got brave and went looking for the culprit and found some old field greens which looked like they should have been back in the field. I threw out a few other things that were questionable, and then washed the shelves. I guess I better buy some groceries tomorrow because the cupboard is pretty bare.

Time to watch the ball game and knit.

Hope all is well.

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