Wednesday, October 24, 2007

World Series

I just sat down to write the blog and turned on the TV in time to see a Boston Red Sox Player hit a home run in the first inning. I enjoy watching playoff baseball on TV in the evenings so I hope the series goes all 7 games. Let's have a poll. Check the upper left hand corner for your chance to vote for who you think will win the World Series.

I missed a call from Jim-I was shopping. I missed a call from Tucker-I was at Bells. I guess I better stay home more. Jim is working long hours in England and will probably come home exhausted. Tucker is going on a San Juan River trip this weekend, so who knows when we'll get to chat. Have a good trip Tucker!

Today I had my annual observation at school by the Assistant Principal. All went well. This is the second year in a row that the same person has observed me which I appreciate. 

Last night I had dinner at Gram and GrandDad's  and Gram made sauerkraut and pork-it was delicious! Gram and I then went to the AAUW (American Association of University Women) to hear a spokesperson for Wegmans talk about the history of Wegmans. It was very interesting and I learned a few things. Wegmans now has 71 stores and they are opening a Tea Room in the Pittsford Store to test market that service. Gram and I are going to go out for tea sometime! Tucker, Neva Benson (your 6th or 7th grade English teacher) is a member of AAUW and she asked about you and wanted me to say, "Hi!"

Tomorrow evening Grandma and I are going to Spirit Works (local yarn store) for a class on making felted purses. We went over to the store a week ago to select our yarn for our purses and will get our instructions and our knitting started tomorrow night. 

To our family and friends in Southern California, we send our thoughts and prayers. The news reports are so sad. It will be interesting to see the governmental response to this disaster as compared to the response to Katrina. 

The sunset here tonight was spectacular and if I had not been driving 60 mph on the interstate at the time, I would have taken photo of it. You will have to take my word that the oranges and pinks, in the different layers of clouds, were memorable. 

Hope all is well. Get your World Series vote in. I will only keep the poll up for a few days.

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Tucker said...

Neva, that was Mrs. Bensons first name?? Never knew that! Thats funny that you ran into her and that she remembers me!